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"This page isn’t working" — although it is in other browser

  • Hello.

    I'm in Berlin/Germany, my provider is telekom, with the OS X 10.11.6 default Network settings, I cannot reach or However, when setting with port 80 as Web Proxy (HTTP) and and as DNS, I can reach the first one of these urls (but not the second — in Safari. In Opera, I can reach neither. Error messages are: This page isn’t working — [url] is currently unable to handle this request. Any idea why Safari can, and Opera can't?


  • @msonnthoefer I've tried here with Opera and Firefox and none of those pages loaded.

  • @leocg Not even with the proxy settings specified above? Well, maybe your location and internet provider differ. Are you, if I may ask, sited in América (Latin or no)?

  • @msonnthoefer I didn't find necessary to test with a proxy, the fact that the pages don't load on (almost) any browser was enough for me see that it's probably a server issue and not a problem in the browsers.

    And I'm in South America if it makes any difference.

  • @leocg It is a server issue in a way, but only insofar as those servers seem to use some sort of geo blocking. As I said: From Berlin, one of those urls can be reached, but (in my case) only with proxies set the way described. And it definitely is a browser issue, since I can open it with safari, but not with Opera.