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Execute a search within category

  • If I am in "Opera for Android", for example, I am not interested in search results from the Windows world. Is there any way to limit the search to the (sub)category. Getting 934 result, as in my example, most of the result are for the Windows version of Opera. That is essentially useless, because I am not going through all the pages to try and find just my Android posting. Please (Opera) explain if there is a way to limit the results to the category.

  • @kdsdata Did you try using advanced search?

  • While we're at it...

    Searched in "Windows" for "Opera 36", then now for "Search" in "Feedback".
    First, a question just popped up: is the forum search case sensitive?

    Now to the issue...
    Searching (advanced) for "Opera 36", I stumbled upon the fact that the search results (topics) weren't labelled "open" or "closed". While in, say, the user's topics (Profile->Topics or like that) they are.
    The not labelling is not convenient: if a user wants to find a relevant topic to jump in for discussion, to ask a question, such labelling should be done, so not to waste the user's time and effort.
    Thank you for your consideration®🙂

    Ahhh... Do we have subscript and superscript here on the forums to use?

  • You just go to You can get to it by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page and just hitting enter. There you can select the category you want to search in. You can also type in the user box to only search for a certain user.

    For example, to search for all "Opera for Android" posts by you and sort them by last reply time in descending order, you could create a search for:[]=20&sortBy=teaser.timestamp&sortDirection=desc&showAs=posts

    in "Menu -> settings -> browser -> search -> manage search engines" and set a keyword like 'os'. Then, in Opera's address field, you'd type 'os' then a space and press enter. Or, type os term.

    Of course, you could just use the forum search page to do that. 🙂