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To me Opera is Chrome now. Therefore, i will use Chrome till u fix my old friend here.

  • There seems to at lot of issues regarding the new Opera 15 version. Im rreally not a man of great knowledge regarding browsers and so on. But with this upgrade u have removed the key things i loved about opera, apart from it not being Chrome. Now it seems to me to be a bad version of Chrome.
    And first things first the 15 version seams faster and less crashing to me which is a +1 on the list.

    I ask now:

    1) Where is Ctrl+Z?
    2) Why cant i adjust my seaching engines and the old ones i had from 12; fx to me "y something" means youtube seach on 'something', but now im forced to write " 'space' something" to seach.... or i will end up on useless yahoo........
    3) Why did u simplify and reduce the mouse dial function? It was something rly great about 12'
    4) What help is help doing me? it seems there isnt even a seach bar.....
    5) Why are there no "advanced settings"?
    6) Why cant i customize my browser like in the old times?
    7) Where is adblock? if i get a commercial screaming (like sounds of my system) "U HAVE WON!" why cant i block it?

    In hope of improvement. If you fix this i may consider returning.

    Someone who used Opera

  • Ctrl-Z is undo, and always was. But if the last thing you did was close a tab, it used to reopen that tab. Currently that has a different shortcut, but it still exists.

    I'll presume 3 refers to gestures, but it could refer to something else ... you should be more clear.

    However, the answer for most of your questions is "It's early yet". They didn't call it that, but really Opera 15 is a preview. It is stable - so those reporting issues with Facebook and Gmail have something which will work with those sites - but it is not feature complete. They have said all along that they would be adding more features that we all expect in upcoming versions.

  • I stopped using Opera when it became a tenth rate Chrome knock-off. I eventually found an old Opera original/classic, whatever and now also have that on board. The idiot who decided this is no better than the moron who changed Coca Cola all those years ago.

  • So, how about that medal accumulation by Team Canada in the Winter Olympics? :lol: