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Opera page timeout does not allow for slow servers.

  • @ytrewq What version of Opera and what OS?

    By the way, I couldn't reproduce it here.

  • @leocg Opera version 52.0.2871.40; OS Windows 10 64bit

    The timeout depends on the response time of the server being accessed; if the server responds within the timeout period there's no problem. The server response time is a function of how busy it is; you probably hit it at a time it could respond within the Opera timeout period.

    My point is compared to other browsers the Opera timeout appears to be shorter and should be increased to accommodate slow servers. I ran my comparison test when the Disney server was apparently very busy. I always see a delayed response from the Disney server, but the only browser that has ever failed to eventually display a page has been Opera.

  • @ytrewq that happens when your vpn is enabled ?.. turn vpn off and watch it load that page..

  • @nvmjustagirl I recognize that - the better solution is to increase the timeout when the VPN is enabled.

  • So you are blaming opera for a third party problem
    maybe blame the "slow" server

  • @ceedee You're apparently your not aware that Opera dumped the third-party VPN and is now using their own.
    While their new VPN is slower than the third-party VPN, I'm not criticizing it, just suggesting a solution. Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to blame when you don't have your facts straight!

  • @ytrewq The third-party used to be an Opera company called Surfeasy.

  • @ytrewq Sorry if i wasnt clear I understood your post to be blaming the disney site not the vpn. In either case it is not the browsers fault i think.

  • @leocg Thank you, I know SurfEasy was the third-party; I was simply repeating Ceedee's reference.

  • @ceedee Actually, given that the slow response is exacerbated by the VPN, and the VPN is now under Opera's purview; Opera could increase their browser timeout to accommodate the slower response of the VPN.

  • @ytrewq I don't care anymore

  • @ceedee That's not surprising (Q.E.D.); have a great day.

  • @ytrewq I will thanks

  • ok to be fair - i tried all opera's versions - dev - beta - stable... none would load the page thats in question with vpn on

    vpn off - All versions did load the page fully..

    Note - Chrome loads the page with a vpn on.. or with out a vpn.. *just say 'n..

    if it is a opera vpn problem or sum other problem.. i myself dunno lol

    maybe sum one can determin if there is a problem or not..

  • @nvmjustagirl As I've pointed out initially, the target-page does not always fail with the VPN on. It's a function of the response time of the server being accessed and various network issues. My point was that I have used several browsers to access the target-page (IE, Edge, Chrome), they have never failed to return the target-page. Only Opera with VPN-on has timed-out, returning the response saying "no data was received". I recognize that the VPN itself can exacerbate the issue, and I've demonstrated this by trying to access the target-page with VPN-on, and repeatedly received the "no data" response, I then turned the VPN-off and was able to receive the page the first time without issue. This clearly suggests that the VPN is exacerbating the problem; but can easily be addressed by increasing Opera's timeout delay when the VPN is active.

    It is also understood that currently only Opera offers a VPN, it is also generally recognized that the VPN can reduce the response time. It seems reasonable that if the Opera browser has a fixed timeout (with or without VPN), certain websites combined with the VPN could exceed the timeout.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  • @ytrewq said in Opera page timeout does not allow for slow servers.:


    The server for the above link is notoriously slow and Opera too frequently displays: "This page isn’t working didn’t send any data." when opening a new TAB, or Window. If Opera is already displaying a related page it waits and the information from the Target-link and displays it. Neither, Chrome, nor IE timeouts on the same target link.

    Again, this only occurs when Opera is opening an NEW Tab, or Window to the target link; the Opera Timeout is TOO short.

    the target link in question Now works on all opera's current versions - dev - beta - stable !.. *cheers Opera 's Team !