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Question about mouse button input.

  • Not sure if anyone here can help me but...

    In a "CLICK" there are TWO events, there is a button "press" and "lift", "mousedown" and "mouseup" respectively.

    Sometimes the left mbutton triggers on a "press", example, when clicking inside of text box I don't even need to release the mbutton, I can start typing straight away, the "press" is what counts.

    But with some elements the click ONLY counts on a "lift", and the "press" is basically ignored by software, those clicks can be canceled on the fly and they require the whole motion of pressing and lifting to go through.

    Any way I can change this behavior for specific things? Between a button press and a lift? I am not even sure if this is Windows or browser sided.

  • I think I could not quite understand your question...

    But if you want to change Mouse gestures, i think it's can't be possible

    you may consider to view this topic to see if this you try help you

  • @loll said in Question about mouse button input.:

    "mousedown" and "mouseup"

    There's also "click" and "dblclick". There's also "wheel". There are a bunch of events depending no what you do. Whether they're available on a certain element and whether they're cancellable depends on the element/object. There are things done for compatibility and all that. Behavior is defined in the HTML5 spec and for example.

    Since Opera is based on Chromium, it does whatever Chrome does.

    Do you have something specific that Opera does different than other browsers?

  • @rodrigowbs said in Question about mouse button input.:

    I think I could not quite understand your question...

    It is too specific for this site and certainly not any kind of critical issue but I wanted to give it a try.

    @rodrigowbs said in Question about mouse button input.:

    But if you want to change Mouse gestures, i think it's can't be possible

    Not really related. They all require dragging and gestures, not really useful to me.

    @burnout426 said in Question about mouse button input.:

    There's also "click" and "dblclick". There's also "wheel". There ar...

    A "click" is what I had already mentioned, as also described in the link you sent to me.

    "The click event MAY be preceded by the mousedown and mouseup events on the same element"

    And a "dblclick" is a thing apart as also stated in that same page.

    "The click event MAY also be followed by the dblclick event."

    So I'm not talking about that. And the "wheel" isn't really related. There are indeed a bunch of events assigned to different things, but the buttons themselves work nearly the same, and I am specifically talking about what constitutes a "click", either it be on any browser or Windows, functionalities are all scattered between requiring either a full button press followed by a "mouseup" (going back to its original position) or just a full button press.
    You can test whatever button you want here, they are all the same, but I am as I said talking about the "click", and only that specifically, either it be a left or right (for the left-handed) mouse button, or rebinded to whatever button, middle, side, etc... It doesn't matter.

    I've been looking for a way to universally trigger at least some elements or all of them already on "mousedown" but I am not sure if such a thing exists, if it is purely bound to HTML then I am not even sure if it is worth thinking about it, maybe I could get it to do what I want with some kind of extension or a third party program, but I wasn't able to find anything, the closest thing I can think of is "Autohotkey" but then it wouldn't distinguish between elements, and I haven't actually tried it yet so I'm not sure how well it works.

    And no, Opera behaves just like any other browser, and it isn't lacking anything to me.

  • @loll
    This is more like user interface desgin question. Generally actions, which do not change state, can (and are) processed in mousedown (and optionally up) - for example selecting control or selecting text or dragging something. Actions, which change state (of content), must be somehow proteced from accidental mousedown and they are generally processed in mouseup or click events. Actions, which change general/environmental state (navigating), are usualy processed in click or doubleclick events.

    Some desktop programs and some browser pages do behave differently; I personally hate when page authors think they know better than windows UI team and break common logic.

    In touch interfaces something can be different.

    This is mostly windows logic, browsers tend to follow. You can create extension, hooking mousedown events and depend on element under mouse, force actions for click and doubleclick. Is there any such extension available, I have no clue.