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Opera VPN not working ALL streams

  • @nvmjustagirl I'm not using any 3rd party anti-virus software, just the windows defender? Do I need to turn off that too?

  • @rocketraccoon Do I assume you have this issue also? I tried disabling Defender on Win10 machine and Opera VPN still not working - I've eliminated everything.

  • To opera Devs - Just for the record, have contacted my ISP and they are NOT blocking Opera VPN which I report still remains in never-ending [orange] "connecting" mode, which I also have to disable to get any web page loaded, including Opera pages. Thank you.

  • To Opera Devs - Without making any changes, Opera VPN came back (for me) at 18:45 GMT on all streams on my machines (Win7 and two on Win10). Restarted each several times and VPN remains up and running. Also contacted my friend on different network and VPN up and running. Interestingly, this site is also more responsive. Would be grateful to know where the issue was please (if known)? Thank you.

    Fingers crossed and let us hope I haven't spoken too soon! 👍

  • @nvmjustagirl Same behavior with firewall disabled.

  • @pmfeldman Pleased to say VPN still up and running (for me) on all up to date streams and machines as above. Still with fingers crossed though! 👍 👍

  • @operafanuk hi am so pleased to see ya up and run 'n again...

    Lemme also say thankyou for explain 'n your problems very truthfull and spot on ! i think lottsa o peeps should look at how well you explained.. thanks again.. and hope it keeps working for ya !..

    @rocketraccoon If you have been run 'n opera 's vpn and defender in the past with no problems then maybe its a local trouble as to where you're at.. or opera vpn could be down.. just check now and then to see if ya can connect to vpn... *sorry ya have 'n this problem..

    @pmfeldman pmfeldman ummm.. advice same answer to as to RocketRaccoon.. you have been a forum member for @ least 6 years.. so if firwall was workn'n ok before opera vpn went down.. maybe vpnit will be back up soon.. *am sorry you got this problem..

    just check now and then to see if vpn will connect..

    if it vpn does not connect let us know !.. thanks.. 🙂

    Note - depend 'n on how ya explain your prolem could mean a new thread *perhaps

  • @nvmjustagirl Thank you for your kind words. It's always good to try and explain as much as possible, however frustrating it may be in order others with the same or similar problem may see the progress.

    But the really good news is that Opera VPN is still up and running, so i'll give it another 12 hours before asking to close this thread, just to ensure it's stable. Thank you again.

  • @operafanuk thank you.. you are most welcome !.. 🙂

  • @nvmjustagirl said in Opera VPN not working ALL streams:

    @operafanuk thank you.. you are most welcome !.. 🙂

    Thank you to everyone for input. Opera VPN still up and running, and I'm happy for this thread to be closed. Thank you.
    👍 👍 👍

  • @operafanuk All update streams on Win7 Pro 32-bit and Win10 (v1709) 64-bit. (all machines up to date).
    VL stuck on Europe and cannot change unless VPN active.
    IP address is blank (no digits).

    Cannot load any web page unless integrated VPN disabled. Thank you Leo.

  • @operafanuk Sumone musta been hammer 'n st paddy 's day a blt too much and knocked out the net while drive 'n it to home ! pmsl..

    hopefully opera 's vpn will come back alive soon ! *this is get 'n way to old story..

  • @nvmjustagirl There's some 'demons' somewhere for sure. All I can do is wait, but interesting it went down again (for me) close to weekend!

    For Opera devs - Integrated Opera VPN still down for me as above, 16th March, 2018 @ 16:48 GMT. Thank you.

  • @operafanuk A thought for Opera devs please.

    Do Opera VPN servers have the capacity in the first place? As an aside, I use broadband on desktops (Win7 & Win10).

    Having done an intensive internet search, including across Opera, it would appear the never-ending "connecting" VPN issue has been intermittent for quite some time and reported by many users, where it either works or it doesn't (ie: Opera VPN servers may or may not be down?).

    As VPN is integrated (like add blocker), if Opera browser is up and running, one would assume so to is VPN if switched on by the user?

    As loyal Opera users, are we to think this issue may have something to do with the volume of internet traffic preventing VPN running?

    Would really appreciate one of the devs coming onto the forum saying there is an issue, or there is not an issue, for it's the not knowing which is frustrating? Is Opera revisiting the VPN issue please?

    Presently, it is never-ending "connecting" and I cannot load any webpage via Opera without disabling Opera VPN.

    An update from devs on this issue would be helpful to all Opera users please? Thank you.

  • @operafanuk Since Opera's servers/datacenters can deal with Opera Mini and Opera for Android traffic, auto-updates, synchronisations and so on, I guess they are very capable.

    I don't see that many reports on VPN not connecting jn current days. There were some in the past, mostly when VPN servers were changing, but not currently.

  • @leocg Thank you for the info Leo, but I have come across a provisional VPN fix which may account why not all users have the problem and may assist others. I was more than certain Opera was capable. My findings will be of use to Opera devs I think. Tc

  • @operafanuk Opera VPN fix (Provisional).

    I've had a full day with a professional computer expert friend of over 30yrs in the industry. All settings were left unchanged, cables and connections checked, all machines inspected for possible faults etc, and there were none. Opera worked as it should, save for the VPN issue. His professional conclusion was compatibility issues between OS updates, Opera, and/or provider.

    As Opera VPN worked with existing settings for a long while with little problem, he then took broadband to bits, even though all had been checked out by provider and line checked.

    Long story short, we came across the following FIX: which I paraphrase and leave out company names.

    "Opera's VPN is essentially a proxy. Homesafe/KidsSafe blocks the use of proxies to prevent tech-savvy youngsters from getting around kidsafe settings put there by careful parents. If Homesafe/kidsSafe is switched off, VPN is available".

    We left Opera settings as is/was, and carried out changes to provider broadband, unchecked everything except for "Virus Guard", and restarted. VPN worked at once (checked and rechecked many times over).

    So I'm in UK and this may not work for everyone, but try it. This still does not account for why everything was working before, though intermittent on occasion. Investigations are ongoing provider end, but perhaps Opera may wish to look at the issue in due course.

    I really hope this helps you guys. 👍

  • @operafanuk UPDATE TO VPN ISSUE.
    After further testing and resets in cooperation with provider, I have gleaned information they may (or may not) have a software issue with 'guard settings' at network level (above provider level).

    NOTE: This is not a broadband issue as disabling VPN allows the browser to operate, albeit without VPN.

    Further enquiries confirmed this started around two days prior to my original post in this thread. My provider, and others, started receiving many calls, and acted!

    A few of my above posts indicate VPN has been intermittent in nature.
    THE REASON: The network has been working hard to isolate the problem.

    So, for Opera users in the UK [with Opera VPN never-ending connection problem] having a landline/broadband account with "SafeGuard" feature (or similar), should disable everything but "Virus Guard", close the browser. NO NEED to alter Opera sett's.

    You should find Opera VPN [blue] is active as intended next time you open the browser - hopefully. They continue to investigate and confirm similar reports from Win7, Win10 and Mac users.

    Hope this helps. 👍

  • @operafanuk
    SOLVED: This thread may be closed as no further VPN issues. Everything has stabilised, especially after newer Opera version updates. Thank you. 👍 👍 👍