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Installed latest update & all menus shrunk

  • I just installed the latest update for Opera browser and the Opera menu and the context menu have shrunk so much I can barely read them. FWIW, as I am typing this the text is so small I can't read it from2 feet away. This is not happening in any other program or browser - just Opera AFTER the upgrade. Help!!! I'm over 60 and this is not a workable situation! Everything is close to font size 8 or smaller.


  • On a similar type of issue with an update today in a thread, "New Opera Update Whitewashed my Speed Dial," @rafaelluik (who is quite knowledgeable) gave this advice:

    I don't know if your issue is a known issue, but I would think the advice given on the other issue is relevant to you. It would be best to go back to Opera 20 for the time being.

  • Please try this before:
    Type "opera:flags" in the address field and press Enter. Search for "HiDPI Support", disable it and restart Opera.
    If that doesn't make things better you could also try enabling it and restarting.

    @lem729 thanks for being so supportive. 🙂 I hope you don't mind the fact that I have edited your post to link to the thread instead of repeating text from an off-topic thread. Please avoid suggesting rolling back to the previous version for every kind of issue, since if users forcedly disable auto-update they might forget about it and end up stuck on old versions which will be bad. Consider that other less radical workarounds might exist.

  • @rafaelluik,

    So sorry. No problem.

  • Good News!!

    I tried rafaelluik's suggestion which was:

    "Type "opera:flags" in the address field and press Enter. Search for "HiDPI Support", disable it and restart Opera.
    If that doesn't make things better you could also try enabling it and restarting."

    When I got there, it w enu size was still there.

    I then followed the instructions and reset it to enable and restarted Opera. Voilà!! The menus enlarged again. Actually, they're larger than before but I rather deal with that than guessing what to click on. Would be nice if this feature was variable by the user.


  • So disabling and re-enabling HDPI support works, but makes menus larger than they should be? How much? 🙂

  • Opera 21: I tried this chain of Flags settings several times and had the large text result. It is now a choice between almost unreadably small text or gigantic text resulting in many of my bookmark folders being off on the right side or resulting in many many extensions of the list. Neither is acceptable.

  • @conqui

    You might want to go through this thread.

    If you have Windows 7, you can (through its personalization feature (right click on a blank spot on your desktop to get started: the discussion is in the thread) change the size of "Menu" in windows. Also, if you adjust "Message Box," you can make the font bigger on your Opera tabs, and alongside your personal tool bar folders. I changed mine from a font size of 9 to one of 10, and the change is relatively modest. I tried 11, and it was greater. I tried a bold, and it was very pronounced. So I went back to 10, non-bold for the time being, for a modest change. I don't think the choice has to be too small or too large (which is what you were concerned about in your post). Now when you make a change to Menus and or "Message Box," in Pesonalization/Windows, it applies across the board in Windows, so it affects your font in your right click context menu, and menus and some other items elsewhere, but if you need the change in Opera, it may be fine elsewhere for you. You can also in Personalization change the display for the overall font, or rely on the zoom feature in the Opera menu for that. Just remember what you started with on your settings, because you can always return to it.