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My is Opera slower than a 56K dial-up modem?

  • I have the latest version on my W7 PC, Version 51, and no matter what web page I open everything is soooo sloooow. Even when I type it has to catch up with me and I have to keep stopping so it can show me what I've typed.

    Why is it so slow?

  • @nospam Some perhaps-obvious questions are whether you've tried another browser on that computer with the same websites and if they're equally slow? Likewise, does this happen with Opera over an extended period of time, or just once in a while? Is anything being downloaded (or uploaded) in the background on that system while browsing slowdowns are occurring? Finally, has the problem existed for some time, just recently, only after updating/installing Opera, etc? I'm just trying to establish if the problem is localized to only Opera.

  • Only happening on Opera and recently. Nothing to do with up/down loading ... unless I'm up/down loading all day and haven't noticed.

    I've been using Opera for years and it's automatically updated. I have other browsers on my PC and I have to resort to one of them if I want to go faster than a sloth.

  • @nospam Can you recall if the problem began right after an Opera auto-update?

    Something to try would be to rename your profile (with Opera turned off) at the path location listed in "About Opera" from "Opera Stable" (assuming you're using a stable version) to something else (eg: Opera StableXXX) to preserve its data for later reuse, and then simply restart Opera. Opera will auto-create a fresh, new, default profile with the name "Opera Stable" (which profile, of course, will be stripped of any customizations or extensions you may have originally added)... but any original corrupted files/session/extension data that might be slowing down Opera will no longer be present.

    Does this resolve the slowdown issue? If so, then something in that original profile is causing the issue; if it doesn't fix the issue, then the slowdown cause lies elsewhere. In the latter case, turn off Opera, delete the newly-created "Opera Stable" folder, and change the original, renamed folder back to Opera Stable... this will at least get you back to your current condition with your original data/settings/etc. If changing the profile name doesn't resolve the problem, then either something external to Opera is somehow interfering with it or the Opera installation is messed up in some way, and it may need to be reinstalled.

  • @nospam Try with no extensions and no VPN...

  • @blackbird71
    I did as you suggested and changed the Profile ... it wasn't any better. If I reinstall it how do I keep my many settings - I'd hate to have to start all over again.

    Tried that too ... no change

  • @nospam Try to clean it all with Glary Utilities, for example... Opera is the fastest browser on my system Seven, so, this sounds strange...

  • @nospam If you uninstall Opera in the conventional manner, it should leave your profile behind. When you reinstall in the same place/manner as it was originally installed, it should automatically 'rediscover' your profile and readopt the personalized data therein. To be on the safe side, it's always wise to first back up (copy) the entire profile to a different, safe place (with Opera turned off, of course)... later, one can figure out how to manually merge it safely back into Opera if such a need arises.

    If the reinstallation doesn't fix things, then you may have some registry errors/corruption affecting Opera that is surviving the uninstall/reinstall process and will have to be cleaned up manually.

  • @nospam Any difference if you disable hardware acceleration?