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Opera opens a new "home page" tab instead of going back to the tab I had open

  • I found in an other topic this answer:
    When you restore Opera Mini after an hour or two (I don't remember exactly), then new tab is opened. The idea was probably to let the user search or access news faster. If there are more voices from users that they don't like it, we may change that. For now I can only suggest to get used to this or use Opera Mini more often, so that you don't exceed the time for new tab to open.

    I would like to to have the option to disable this behaviour in the settings.

  • @natus31 : I suspect it may well be a new feature, because if you look at some other postings on "Opera" you will find that this feature has been asked for for almost from the beginning of Opera. If the developers would make this feature configuarable, then it would be OK. But to just make it a fixed default would be idiocy. Although this feature no doubt pleases the long in the waiting camp, it would/will really tick off the users that want their tabs to be left as they were. So here is the question to "Opera". How do you turn this feature on/off.

  • Put me down as another user who would love this to be toggle-able. The speed dial/new window drives me crazy when I go back to reading a long article or what have you.

  • I also find this forced new tab behavior annoying.
    Opera makes opening a new tab very easy if I should want one. If some users want new tabs always, please realise that ofhers do not.
    Do not make opera stupid. Many of us chose Opera in order to have options.

  • I'd like to see this optional instead of mandatory as well, please. Opera for Android is the only browser that still lets me use Facebook Messenger from the mobile website, instead of having to use the basic mobile site or the desktop site, but this feature/bug is enough of an irritant that I'm also using Brave or Firefox more often, when I'm not going on FB.

  • +1 for this.

  • I also really dislike this feature, it is truly exasperating! As previous posters, i prefer going back to where i was when leaving Opera to continue my reading.
    I deeply believe that developpers (from Opera or every other software) should never introduce that kind of feature as mandatory (aka the Google way of life: we decide what is good for you): user must have the ultimate choice. Such a feature have to be an option, defined by the user in the settings.
    In my own opinion, i agree with @booopera when he says that it is easy to open a new tab! Opera for Android has a great interface and i don't understand why some people asked for this featureā€¦ It is so easy to open a new tab when YOU choose to do so!
    Please, Please, Please make it an option!

  • This feature is horrible, as someone that can have hundreds of tabs open. I've considered switching browsers a dozen times because of this stupid idea. Make it toggleable already, I'm quickly losing patience.

  • Looks like this fixes this issue:

    Opera Menu > Settings > Basic > On Startup > uncheck "Display the start page first"

    After making this settings change, when starting Opera, it will not open a new tab and will display last tab you were viewing before you closed it the last time.

  • Opera for Android doesn't doesn't have that option in settings. Also the issue is totally different.

    And you replied to a topic whose last reply was 6 months ago,