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Opera disabling extensions on its own is annoying...

  • @andreivas what an odd bug! personally never had that issue. good it seems fixed now.

  • @acidinmyfridge yeah, sadly though it is NOT fixed. Having booted 4 devices this morning ALL of them have the same issue yet again.

    Open Opera and all extensions disabled. Now in the process of moving bookmarks etc. to Chrome , the new Firefox will be installed as a backup browser. Opera has become a real mess, the fact that you have (and need) 67 extensions speaks volumes about how poor a browser it has become.

  • @andreivas 60+ extensions is extreme by any measure. I've come back to Opera because I only need what, 4 or 5 extensions. Instead of 10 in Firefox and 20+ in Chrome just to make it half functional. I mean, Opera has the adblocker, cryptomining blocker, privacy filter, integrated mouse gestures, closing last tab doesn't close the entire damn browser, this alone means I could sack needing 4-5 extensions. I basically just need extensions for external services like password manager and GMail notifier. In other browsers you need extensions for every little damn thing they broke or made idiotic design decisions that totally screw up user experience. But Opera, strangely, even after its transition from Presto to Chromium stayed true to their philosophy. Took them quite a while, but they got here at version 45 and that's when I started using Opera again and now it's hard to use anything else. Tried to go back to Firefox, but it's just so clumsy. They did make it A LOT faster with Quantum and ditching that stupid Chrome theme clone was also a great decision, but it's still just not it. Opera is far closer to that.

    This extensions disabling is stupid, but now that we've somewhat isolated the issue, chances are they'll get it fixed. It seems to be happening from version 50 onwards (51, but lets say 50 to be sure) and it's happening on more than one system.

  • And out of the blue, it just happened again! I was fiddling with 3rd party cookies blocking setting in Opera and after browser restart to see if my twitter login will be cleared again and all the extensions got disabled. They really need to look at this mechanism and tone it down a bit. It's stupid trigger happy in disabling extensions.

  • It has happened to me once ... I have no idea what triggered it. I have Windows 7, 32-bit.

  • @andreivas maybe give Vivaldi a try instead? I love it. It has all the goodies we want in Opera. Well almost, but they're getting there. It's highly customizable.
    Very frequent updates, active community, Take a look, maybe you'll like it.

    Sorry to hear, that annoying issue keeps continuing to happen to you 😕

  • Happened to me once recently. Didn't have any extensions before I got the notification and when I went into opera://extensions, I still didn't have any extensions (not under "disabled" or anywhere). So, I don't know what triggered the notification. There wasn't anything trying to sneak an extension into Opera, so I assumed it was just Opera being goofy/buggy.

  • yes i have the same problem

  • I had faced this annoyig problem bu after update to Opera 51.0.2830.40 it fixed

  • @oglena I have 51.0.2830.40 and it STILL disables them. I only have two extensions and one is Sticky Password and I can't auto log in to Opera to do this complaint, I have enable the extensions, log in, and then refind where this forum is. It doesn't automatically go back after the log in. But what gives with the disabling? I wonder if it's because I have FireFox also open? Or is it connected to the synchronization? Seems that it's a common enough problem they should be working on it. I may try Vivaldi. Firefox won't recognize emails sometimes and it sends me to AT&T log in which I have for home system but that's NOT my email and it wants me to change to AT&T.

  • @randymartin It's probably related to the fact that you are using at least one extension not published on Opera's add-ons page.
    Chrome doesn't allow extensions that are not on its webstore, maybe Opera is following the same path?

  • @leocg I've had that problem only when I've uninstalled an extension from the chrome store

  • @leocg Good thought. Consider this. On my laptop, I have only 2 extensions: Stick Password and TinEye. SP has a supported browser choice dropdown and Opera is an option. Opera does not list SP. TE does not have supported browser drop down but it does have an add-on extension. My laptop ALWAYS (for the last several weeks) needs to have those extensions enabled. I get the message that a new extension has been added and is unknown and all the extensions are shut down.

    My Desktop has the same 2 extension plus 5 others. It NEVER gets that warning and I NEVER have to enable my extensions.

    Your thoughts?

  • @randymartin A little research I've done revealed that Chrome seems to do not allow extensions not listed on the add-ons store. I'm not sure about Opera's policy on the matter but I suppose it should be similar.

    So I would guess that those non-listed extensions may be cause of the problem.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @leocg I'm only using addons from Opera addons page and I was experiencing this well.

  • @leocg Sounds right except that one computer works and one does not. Same Opera, Same extensions. BTW, I do NOT use Chrome at all.

  • @randymartin And isn't reasonable for one to be able to FIND Opera's policy on these matters? I like Opera but their inter-personal support is non-existent.

  • They should work like avast!. They have developers regularly floating around forums checking info, feedback, suggestions and ideas and it works superbly. A lot of things can be spotted early this way.

  • @rejzor Avast is paid or, at least, has a paid version, so they can afford the costs of doing it.

    Anyway, this topic was already addressed.