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Show strange bar when swipe fullscreen Opera → Desktop → fullscreen Opera

  • Hello! I found the bug on Opera Stable 51. When I changed active display from fullscreen Opera to Desctop, and to fullscreen Opera again by trackpad gesture of macOS, the strange bar showed on the top of tabbar. Like this video↓

    Incidentally, I sent bug report. And I use Opera Stable 51 (51.0.2830.26) on macOS High Sierra 10.13.3.


    I forgot to add images of this bug. So, I added these images.

    0_1518349084680_Opera 51:フルスクリーンからデスクトップへ移動し戻ると、画面上部にバー!?.png

    0_1518349103771_Opera 51:フルスクリーンからデスクトップへ移動し戻ると、画面上部にバー!?のコピー.png

  • Confirmed ... it happens in Windows for me, too.

  • Hey @kyu3 , we're aware of this bug and will provide a fix as soon as we can.

  • @avl 4 months passed, Opera still has the issue. Honestly speaking, I love opera web browser a lot. However, I love my macos' smoothness more. Please do not make us suffer anymore.. pls.. solve the issue.. plssss..

  • Same issue, very annoying to deal with it a hundred times everyday.

  • Same problem and 55 release seemed to made it worse.

    I'd really wish they would give us some update as it has been a long standing bug

  • @avl pls fix it as soon as possible , pls .....

  • @avl Hi Avi, Scotty here; hope all is well with you and yours, my friend! Opera acts very similarly to this report in Win10, Toshiba Satellite C55. Whenever a new tab opens the browser 'stutters' back n forth from true fullscreen to showing a tiny narrow frame as it shrinks from fullscreen to frame and back again, usually cycles every 1/2 sec or so, up to a dozen cycles as the tab fully loads.
    Discovered Opera only a few weeks ago after 20+ yrs of Firefox and 10yrs grappling with the ever execrable Chrome.
    Fast, clean, lots of options, dark theme, VPN, Turbo: Opera is wonderful!

    I'm sure y'all are working hard to get this minor annoyance fixed soon, my friend. A minor bug which leaves no stain on all your fine work making Opera the best browser ever!
    Best Regards,
    Scotty 🙂

  • Hello! This issue have happened since 9 month ago. When will this issue fix? A few weeks ago, same issue happened on Vivaldi browser snapshot. But Vivaldi's issue was fixed for a few days from the time I reported this issue.

    Snapshot 2.1.1332.4. Show strange bar when swipe fullscreen Vivaldi → Desktop → fullscreen Vivaldi:Vivaldi Forum

    If Opera staff don't know how to fix this issue, I think it is good that Opera staff contact to Vivaldi staff about this issue. Some staff in Vivaldi Technologies changed job from Opera Software. So, I think it is easy to contact to Vivaldi's staff.