Opera 51 no toolbars no advanced no appearance help!

  • I am brand new to Opera, downloaded today, the 51 version, imported stuff but no way to get a toolbar additional, not with add on/extensions, not by clicking the bar ? nothing in settings shows what old articles claim opera has, which is advanced settings, or appearance, etc... I have opened this multiple times, can anyone help me, as a newbie I must be missing something, I really am trying to migrate from Mozilla, but I need lots of toolbars, just have to have at least one or two additional. Please advise what to do.

  • @rumtiddly Like you said, those were old articles about Opera Presto (Opera 12 and older) and they are not valid for Opera Chromium (Opera 15 and newer).

    There is no way to add tool-bars in Opera. Maybe using an extension, don't know.

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