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Banner message to change to Chrome is annoying

  • For several days I've been getting a banner message on various pages suggesting I switch to Chrome. I'm using Opera because I like its features better than Chrome and do not want to make Chrome my browser of choice. I can dismiss the message, but can't keep it from reappearing. Any suggestions? All my settings appear to be the same as before it started showing up. Thanks for any help you can give.

  • @lucyschmidt Does it happen on all pages or just on specific ones? Does the problem keeps happening with all extensions disabled and with a clean profile?

  • @leocg I hadn't paid too much attention to when it appeared, but played a bit. There are likely more instances, but here are some jpgs. One shows the message that appears in the bottom left corner when I'm "dry searching" YouTube. One shows the message that appears across the top of the page when I'm loading a YT video for which I have a link. The other shows the banner message I get when searching Google News. I have my default browser set to Opera and this only started appearing several days ago. Thanks for looking into it.2_1518305575705_top banner to YT video with link.jpg 1_1518305575705_top banner google news page.jpg 0_1518305575704_bottom left corner YT Chrome msg.jpg

  • @lucyschmidt It appears one of the jpgs did not get uploaded. Here's what I get when accessing the Google News page. 0_1518306371003_top banner google news page.jpg I haven't installed any new extensions, so will wait to disable them (I have quite a few) until I hear if you have an explanation or fix. I don't know how to create a new profile. I'm the only one using this computer. I try to educate myself about such things, but have never needed to tackle this problem before, nor have I needed help with Opera. It's one of the BIG reasons I changed to it years ago. 🙂

  • @lucyschmidt
    It's not an Opera problem.
    All Google sites (which includes YouTube) have been nagging people for years to switch to Chrome, that's why it's now the world's most used browser! (I won't say the world's most popular browser, but certainly the most used!)
    Very annoying, but true I'm afraid.

  • @lucyschmidt As said, it seems to be just Google advertising its browser on its pages and that's why I asked about where you were seeing those messages.
    Unfortunately there's nothing much that can be done.

    And for information, Opera does the same when you visit an Opera page using another browser.

  • @davehawley Thanks. Odd, though, because it's just started showing up. If they think it will get me to change back to Chrome, they can think again. It's only a click to dismiss it, I know, but I hate pop-ups like that. It sounds like you do, too. I did change one of my settings on Ghostery, now that I think about it. I'll switch it back and see if it continues. Have to go to work first, though....