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Make "desktop notifications" prompt less obtrusive

  • Hi!

    First time around since a while (was known as "serious" in the old

    Got a feature request that increasingly keeps bugging me: a ton of pages (especially crappy ones) want to send me desktop notifications and while the prompt is up, the page is blocked. So I would like to see two things here:

    • make the notification itself less annoying / in your face. Just have an icon pop up at the right of the address bar where I can decide at any later point if I want to allow this page to send notifications or not (similar to how blocked popups are handled)
    • do not block the page from doing anything (you can't even scroll or select text) while the notification is up

    Thanks a bunch for listening 🙂

  • Desktop notifications are an OS thing, at least in recent versions of the OS. The idea is that if something happens while a program is minimized or in the background you find out about it. I don't use it though, so can't say how obtrusive it is in Opera (I don't use webmail and social sites and such, nothing is going on which requires my immediate notification).

    You do mean those little popup alerts that appear next to the system area of the taskbar (in Windows), yes? Also note that they can be turned off.

  • @sgunhouse I'm talking about the prompt to enable them. Same goes for geolocation btw: popup that completely blocks the page from doing anything.