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Opera Next 21 vs. Opera 12.1: Different color matching?

  • Hi,

    I am using Opera 21 (developer version and just before the "official release) and parallel Opera 12.1 (Windows 7).

    But I have a different color matching in the two browsers. The colors in 12.1 is identical to the color matching eg in Firefox or Chrome -- but not identical to Opera 20+

    And I do not find any (CMS) settings in the two Opera versions.

    Maybe another person who is using the two Opera versions can check the color matcjhing e.g. of this page:

    ... or see screenshot:
    left: Opera 20/21
    right: "old" Opera as it looks e.g. like in Firefox, too. And I "wish to have" this color matching in Opera Next, too! But how?


  • Here is a page showing what is really going on - sort of. If you view the page in 12.17, it looks like the first image shown under Expected Results. If you view the page in Opera 20, it looks like the second image. So, the reason the colors would look different in Opera 20 is that 20 must be supporting only ICC version 2 color profiles and not version 4 profiles.

  • My link ( shows/explains the same -- only in German 😉

    But as you can see in my screenshot of this page in the two browsers: it's less a ICC problem, but the colors are generally in Opera 21 not the same as in Opera 12.1 (or Firefox or Chrome -- I tried all (Windows) browsers...).

    So, I still do not have an explanation for this different color matching/appereance 😞

  • Opera 12 and older had support for all ICC profiles until ICC v4.

    But Opera 20 only ICC v2 on most systems. There are some bad bugs related to ICC profile. 😞