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  • I'm trying to get some extensions for Opera 12 via 'Get Extensions' , but everytime I choose known ones that worked ok in v12, the banner states that it's for Opera which I have. The 'Add to Opera' button is grayed out, I can download the file, but how do you install that?

    What's going on now? 😡 .

  • @videobruce
    Do the downloaded files have an "oex" extension?
    They should have if they're Presto Opera extensions, and if you double click on them they should open with Opera 12 and install.
    If that's not happening, try launching Opera 12 and opening them in the browser from the file menu.

  • First off, when I go to the page for the extensions, or when I choose one I already have installed (Ghostery), at the top I get a banner stating;
    "These extensions and wallpapers are made for the Opera browser."
    The button "Add to Opera" is grayed out. If I click on it I get "Opera Required"

    I unfortunately uninstalled a ad blocker that was causing issues with a few sites that I couldn't figure out how to selectively ignore blocking on those sites. BOTH of these I just installed to a fresh install of Opera 12 less than a couple of months ago.

    There were many that wouldn't work in this version, but others that would as it's been since 2-3 years ago. This is really BS! All the crap they seem to have for their 'toy idiot phone' designed, so-called browser looks like some childish grade school cartoons. 👹

  • They are either nex or crz extensions that show up when I try to save them.

    I don't know what they should be, I always have just let the browser install them, I never saved them separately. Never even thought of doing so. Never had to!

  • Is that for Opera 12 or Chromium Opera?
    I thought Opera 12 extension files were always .oex files.

  • Opera v12.18 The same thing that's in your sig.

    You are right about oex;

    I tried renaming the extension and dragging it to the Manage extensions page, but I got a "broken extension' error message.

    I have other installs of Opera v12, is there a way I can export a installed extension? Where do they reside? How about a C&P?

  • @videobruce
    If you want to install extensions into Opera 12 from files, you'll have to find their .oex files.
    Just changing the filename extension on a Chromium Opera extension file won't work as they are a completely different format.
    Have you tried just searching for the installation files for the extensions you want? I'd be surprised if at least the most common ones aren't archived somewhere.

  • Search where? The Internet or in Operas installed files?

    If it is the 2nd, yes I have looked twice, I don't see where Ghostery resides (since that is the only extension that is listed).

  • It's been nearly 5 years since Opera dropped the Olde Opera (Presto) design that could use .oex extensions. Those extensions were specifically crafted to be compatible with that now-obsolete browser, and they (and Olde Opera) are not interchangeable with more modern extension file-types. Most extension makers work specifically only with very recent or current browser designs, which means they probably no longer list extensions that are compatible with very old and unsupported browsers, unless they happen to maintain an archive database somewhere online - but I'm unaware of any of those currently in existence (there was a chrome-extension archive mentioned in a github post back in 2016). Because many extensions are updated fairly frequently, it would cost their makers too much to also support the updating of versions for old/obsolete browsers.

  • Those compatable extensions were there, they worked in V12.18 that came out in 2016, less than two years ago. There are programs 15 and more years old that are still in use.

    These extensions were still available less than two months ago. Whomever made the stupid and narrow minded decision to selectively remove what still was available should be strung up. It wasn't bothering anyone they surely don't take up much server room.

  • @videobruce v12.18 was a minor security update to the Opera 12 series of browsers. Its update was provided by Opera as a convenience to those still clinging to the old browser well after the new design was created. I don't work for Opera, but I see no compelling requirement for any software company to keep archives available of software for years after their own products have been discontinued, particularly archives of compatible software created by other organizations. People using 15-year-old programs (and I am one of them) should keep their own backups of that software (and I do, even for certain DOS programs that are over 25 years old).

  • @videobruce
    The only oex files I have archived are for Adblock 1.0.8 (the last for Presto Opera), YouTube Center 2.1.7, and a "No Click to Activate" extension which is probably obsolete now anyway.

  • @davehawley can you share your extensions (what you have archived).

  • @konstant213
    The "no click to activate" is actually a patch rather than an extension, and may well not be needed now anyway.
    You're welcome to have copies of the other two, YouTube Center and AdBlock.
    How would you like me to get them to you?
    Cheers, Dave.

  • @davehawley you can send them to my email: (please don't post email addresses publicly).

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