re-open multiple closed windows

  • I know this wil be easy: I keep multiple windows open, and have selected to "continue where I left off" when Opera opens. However, if I have closed Opera and activate something (an offer, more info, etc.) that opens a browser window (Opera is default), only one of the multiple windows opens. How can I tell which other windows--each w/a specific tab group--I last had opened?

  • @wlebaron Did you try checking menu > History or the tabs menu?

  • @leocg
    I knew I could do that, but it would be rather laborious having to replace multiple tabs in several windows (in this case only 2 windows), w/average of 12-20 tabs per window. Plus the tabs are not necessarily all related to one another. I was hoping there would be a better, more efficient way, like "re-open closed tab" option.

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