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Opera 50.0 flat-out refuses to save handler for magnet: links

  • Didn't have a problem before 50.0 installed not long ago.

    Using Deluge as a torrent client. Opera has has worked fine with it until now.

    Clicking on a magnet: link brings up the dialogue asking "Do you want to open Deluge to handle this link?" with the usual "Always open magnet: links" checkbox beneath it.

    Checking the box used to work. Now it does not. I get asked again every. single. time.

    Removing and reinstalling Opera, completely deleting Opera's settings profile in the process. NO existing settings or anything about/from the profile were saved.
    I have also checked for permission issues within the Opera appdata folder both before and after removal/reinstallation. Nothing is unusual.

    It simply refuses to save this one single setting, which it never had a problem with before.

    Any ideas?

  • @dexotaku same here with QBittorent. Moreover — no other handlers can be saved. As example — Nexus links for Nexus Mod Manager will always show this dialog.
    Clean Windows 10 installation with clean Opera 50.

  • I'm having the same issue on my Mac.

    A few days ago I Cleared some of the browser data and even since then the Magnet Links from TPB do exactly what you said, every single time.

    Also tried installing a fresh copy on a different Mac which has never have Opera, some message and no way to change it.

  • yes it is truly annoying to have to check the box and click allow on EVERY magnet link i click on. out of firefox, cyberfox, chrome, opera, vavaldi opera is the only one that does not remember my choice. this issue has been brought up before and it's still hasn't been addressed and or fixed. on another note i came in here today to complain about still getting

    "Not Found
    You seem to have stumbled upon a page that does not exist. Return to the home page."

    when trying to login here from chrome. as i said the last time it is tacky to block the login in other browsers. sorry for getting off topic.

  • Same. It's annoying to have to click allow everytime.

  • Same with utorrent on Win7. Must first download torrent fila and then start it/open with utorrent. Annoying. Very.

  • Please fill in bug report. It'll speed up the process.

  • Same here also acestream has same problems

  • bug report created and sent

  • same issue here, with uTorrent, Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer handlers.
    Opera won't save my preferences.
    System double checked for viruses and malwares. Fine.
    Permissions and access to drives and directories, fine.
    Everything was working fine, till I installed a new system from the scratch, Windows 10 fall creators update and latest Opera.
    HDD in AHCI mode (dumb me), no Intel RST runnning.
    Watching this topic and posting any new info I find.

  • I've updated today to Opera 51 and it's seems like the issue is fixed! I've tried to download some mods from Nexus and couple of magnet links from various trackers and it worked. Even after restart. But the handlers lists is always shows only default handlers for email links which is kinda strange.

  • opera updated to 51, and now no more having to authorize every magnet link. perfect. thanks

  • Just fixed in 51 update, here. Every handler works fine.

  • Topic closed as solved. If in up until to a month the author needs the thread to be reopened, just report it. briefly explaining the reason.