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Unable to Sign In on Mini

  • I too am unable to sync across devices by signing in. Keeps coming up "connection error" This is on an IPAD 2 and an iPhone 4. I am able to sign in on Windows 7 and the account page of Opera. I have tried switching off data reduction and reinstalled Opera mini. Still doesn't work. Is there an answer to this issue ?

  • Yes, I've been trying to sign in using my user name and password, and I get this message every time the browser checks the credentials:
    Connection Error. Cannot sync data
    Opera said the problem had been solved 5 months ago. Now sync is not working again. Please Opera, check this because it happens both in iPad and iPhone.

  • The same message here: Connection Error Cannot sync data. Try again later.
    I cannot log into my Opera on iPad Air 2, with current updated iOS

  • I also get an error 403 when I try to login in sync page ( on my mobile. I hope this is a hint for the developers ...

  • @jwj
    Ive got the same problem, I.e. "Connection Error", where no connectivity problems exist.
    I too can log in successfully to my account page on the same Opera Mini browser on iOS that is refusing to sync! So its not an account issue either.
    I also successfully sync Opera on Android, Windows10 and Macos.
    Something is clearly going wrong with Opera sync login just on iOS!

  • Same error here. With iPhone SE. OSX High Sierra on desktop working fine... 😕

  • I've tried everything people have suggested researched everything. Reinstalled countless times. Made new accounts and issue still there.

    Initially thought this was an issue with my connection but turns out it isn't.
    Running the Desktop version of Opera (Windows 10) All aspects are working fine.
    Able to proceed with setting up the sync process as its showing the status in colors with orange/yellow and green.

    Opera Mini iOS application is where the problem occurs.
    Inside the settings menu the options to Sign in or Create Account do not work

    • Creating an account which caused the same Error
    • Signing in with an account set up via Desktop same Error
    • Tested again with an account which wasn't synced via Desktop same Error

    Concluding there is an issue persistent inside the settings UI

    Furthermore test using '',
    Logging in worked for me and I'm able to view my bookmarks and Sync is working for the most part. I'm not sure that this will be any help to others but here are some steps which could help you.

    • Configure your sync settings to be only Bookmarks you want to test and see if its working first before trying to sync everything. Check on and check to see if your bookmarks are there (Speed dial included depending on device).
    • Before trying to login on a mobile device check the status of your sync It will show a orange/yellow "-" if its still syncing and a green tick when its ready.
    • Proceed to your mobile device do not use the settings UI to login as that doesn't work at all. Instead visit the same link again you should be able to login. Tapping on Bookmarks then selecting your folder you can find all your bookmarks.

    Hope that helps someone at least. Until the problem is fixed.
    Someone kindly pass on this information as it might be some help to solving the issue.

  • Same issue here. Just trying out Opera today. I'm super impressed with the Mac version, but without sync to iOS there's no way I can commit long-term.

  • I have the same problem, and I wonder whether there are any users who have no problems with signing in on Mini. They would typically not read our posts on this subject. Maybe someone knows such users?

  • Today I was able to sign in. Bookmarks are updated perfectly. Happy end?

  • Opera mini is one of my favorite apps in my phone. But recently I've a a trouble when using Opera mini. The ads blocker is not always working. The ads are still popping up here and there. It's quite annoying

  • @thanhonap Don't steal other people's threads. If your issue isn't the same as the one in the thread title (and yours is not) then start a new thread.