Opera crashes when trying to save file or page.

  • Hi!
    I was using Opera 45.x with no problem until they forced update by disabling the vpn.

    Opera 50 (opera-stable_50.0.2762.67_amd64 .rpm) is not working for me.
    It crashes by SIGSEGV when I trying to save picture or page. Save dialog activates, but both Cancel and Save buttons cause crash. By the way, dialog is shown regardless of option settings - ask or not.

    That's what is prints to console:
    Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.

    Mageia 5 x64, KDE 4.14.35.

    Also flash don't work, but looks like there is already a lot of threads about it on this forum.

  • Try setting a different gtk theme and check if it still does the same.

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