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  • Been watching a TV series on AP for several months now. Tried to 'continue watching' an existing episode yesterday and...nope. I get:

    Video Unavailable
    We're experiencing a problem playing this video. For assistance, please go to

    I've tried starting new episodes, even from other series and get the same problem. However, no problems if I switch to Chrome. Which, if I wanted to run Chrome, I wouldn't have started using Opera...

    I've restarted the browser and PC. Win8/64x. Opera 45.0. I run ZoneAlarm, but it's always been running, and I turned it off to see if it made a diff...again, nope.

    I looked into Silverlight, but don't see any way to run it here. And Amazon says it's using HTML5 anyway. I'm not running in Turbo mode. I saw some stuff for DRML issues, which suggested renaming/deleting certain files and letting Windows recreate them, but there doesn't seem to be any of those files even ON my computer.

    Please help.


  • @stryder64 Do you have Widevine listed under opera://components/? If so, what version the page shows?

  • @leocg Thanks for the reply. My version is

  • @stryder64 OK, so it doesn't seem to be the problem.

    What Amazon says may be the problem? There is some error code? What did you find when you searched about it?

  • @leocg There's no error code given, just the message I originally posted. Amazon says stuff like reboot the browser or use another browser. Since I was using Opera for the past several months, the browser's not the problem. I don't have automatic updates enabled on ANY of my software, so nothing has changed as far as the browser's rev or Windows.

  • @stryder64 I just realized that you are using a old version of Opera. Does the problem happens with the newest one, Opera 50?

  • Having this exact problem and I am also using an older version of Opera (42.0.2393.137). The thread stopped at the version question.

    There was an ongoing thread about memory issues in 50, so not updating until that is resolved since the version I'm using now is hogging more RAM than the version 36 I was using before and I don't want it to get worse.

    Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu all work fine. Amazon is the only problem child here.

    Was using Chrome almost exclusively for all my streaming anyway, so really just want to confirm this is an Opera version bug.