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YouTube Main Page is Unclickable After Using UserAgent Switcher

  • I can't seem to click on any videos on YouTube main page & also search is broken —this happened after I used an extension called UserAgent Switcher to mask my browser as Chrome on Windows. It works fine with the UserAgent mask but now I can't get YouTube to work without it (the only workaround is to Open in New Tab\ Ctrl+click.) —especially since I need to use my actual-browser-default for sites like Dropbox Paper Doc. I tried disabling a few addons & trying —everything works in Private Window though. Also just emptied all Caches, Local Storage, Indexed Databases, & webSQL Databases & whatnot with History Eraser [extension] but no effect (I have actually tried this before though I thought I'd try it again) ! Luckily it didn't delete my settings or addon config — I have tried this & so many things before to get it to work with my Opera default user agent but no effect. All my YouTube extensions don't seem to work with the site anymore as well —strange since it works fine with the [Chrome on Windows] User Agent mask. ☹ I use extensions such as Magic Actions for YouTube et. al. see below. Will this work again after an Opera update ? I don't want to uninstall\ delete my profile —just want a quick fix —maybe reinstall ?
    Opera snapshot
    \ Extensions list I use (Pastebin link)
    P.S: I tried Hard-Refreshing it (Ctrl+Fn+F5 (laptop)) & it worked once & the dark color scheme was visible but it's not clicking anymore. Also the [YouTube] extensions are not working\ loading.
    {{Note: Before there was an interruption |lag —it's only in Opera that the videos skip frames |get stuck intermittently (was fine on Edge browser.) [YouTube] videos were jittery on playback Even the loading animation (the little icon on the tab) isn't spinning smoothly. Before there wasn't any issue. Please don't answer this Note—I just wanted to point out prior to disabling the UserAgent Switcher —which fixed the slow videos.}}

  • I found the fault & fixed it —"Reader View" extension (the book icon one): "Reader View v0.1.6: strips away clutter like buttons, background images, and changes the page's text size, contrast and layout for better readability" I was unable to click & view videos on YouTube Home because of this, & the search was broken too —I disabled it. So nothing to do with my User-Agent Switcher extension —it only made the videos work with Reader View. Not to be confused with another "Reader View" extension that sits in the address bar, that is very useful ! Also, turning off "Auto-Wide" in "Magic Actions for YouTube" extension fixed the slow videos grinding to a halt every few seconds issue. 🙂 So thanks anyway.
    P.S: Oh Cinema Mode works in the Old YouTube Layout —I was using the new one —new one has a bloated video pane size & isn't supported by extensions.

  • Topic closed as solved. If in up until to a month the author needs the thread to be reopened, just report it. briefly explaining the reason.