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SpeedDial Thumbnail Image problem - please help

  • Hello,
    I am doing my best to get Opera 50 to work for me on a Win 7 PC which is primarily used for TV recording and for viewing catch up TV in the UK.
    I want to use SpeedDial so that catch up site launchers are easily visible from TV viewing distance. This means that the thumbnail image is crucial.
    I have added a number of sites to SpeedDial, including including BBC iPlayer. For every site I have been able to use the heart at the end of the address bar to select the site's logo, except for BBC iPlayer. All I can get for this is either the image of a program available from the iPlayer front page, or a simple black rectangle with BBB in white on it.
    I have been able to locate, resize and save a thumbnail image for the iPlayer logo but can find no way of getting SpeedDial to use it. This ought to be such a trivially simple thing to do, as indeed it is in Vivaldi, that I am sure I must be missing something somewhere. Please can someone help me sort this problem out. Alternatively, can someone suggest an add-on or extension which might do the job. I would prefer to use Opera over other browsers such as Vivaldi if I can, but if this simple problem doesn't have a solution then I guess I'll have to use an alternative product.
    Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.

  • @peterm You can't use custom thumbnails on Speed Dial.

  • @leocg Hello Moderator,
    Thank you for your informative but brief reply. Can you please elaborate? Why has Opera has excluded the option to use Thumbnails other than he ones it offers?
    It does offer sensible Speed Dial Thumbnails for BBC News and BBC Weather, but not for BBC iPlayer. If Opera can't universally offer relevant thumbnails then it would be logical for it to offer an option for the user to make their own choice. This seems so obvious that Opera must have actively excluded this option. What is not at all obvious is why it would want to do this. Please could you comment? Why has Opera taken this decision? How can I work around it? Or do you advise that I choose an alternative browser such as Vivaldi which does have custom thumbnail capability?

    Thank you.

  • @peterm I think there is nothing much to elaborate, they simply never implemented such option, maybe because they never feel the need for it.

    @peterm said in SpeedDial Thumbnail Image problem - please help:

    It does offer sensible Speed Dial Thumbnails for BBC News and BBC Weather, but not for BBC iPlayer

    It just gets what the site offers.