Sync issue: Lost all my "new" bookmarks

  • Hello,

    I used Opera Sync on my old laptop. When I got a new one about one year ago, I installed Opera and synced my bookmarks to the new one. So far, so good. After that, I logged out of my opera account / sync.

    Now my new laptop is broken and I needed to send it in. Meanwhile I have to use my old laptop (pain in the ***). So before I sent the broken laptop in, I logged in again on my new (broken) laptop with my sync account to start syncing the new / latest bookmarks.

    I then reinstalled Opera (fresh installation, CC cleaner in between as well) on my old laptop and logged in to sync as well. All my bookmarks were synced properly (except that I should've killed the old sync version since it doubled with the latest sync version of / on my new laptop, my mistake - annoying). That was last Friday. So everything was fine and well prepared, as I thought.

    I then logged out of my opera account/sync on my new/broken laptop, uninstalled Opera and deleted all files with CC Cleaner. Then I sent it in. So far, so good.

    Today I wanted to continue to work (on my old laptop) and that's when I saw that all my new bookmarks (that were there on Friday!) are gone. Only those from one year ago are being displayed, but not the new ones. Unfortunately I haven't exported the bookmarks on my broken laptop, because I thought everything was fine because of sync (I saw the new bookmarks on my old laptop, so they were there last Friday, properly synced!).

    So right now I lost hundreds of bookmarks that were/are very important for me and I don't know how I can get them back. I searched within the bookmarks for some pages I know I've saved in the last months - no results.
    And I couldn't find a way to contact Opera (for support, not for press) - is there a way to do that?

    So do you have some ideas what I can do? Unfortunately I have no backup of Opera / bookmarks from last year until today. (I have backed up almost all my files manually except software/programs. So I haven't thought about this issue.)

  • @juicedaniel Can you see your data at ?

  • @leocg Nope, I can't. (I can only see the old bookmarks as I see them in my Opera bookmarks as well.) And the sad thing is that I could last Friday. Right now it says 4958 bookmark entries, but last Friday it said something about 5-7000 entries, so way more (I can't remember the right number).

    I questioned myself, that maybe I was mistaken. The funny thing is that I even showed it to my wife (what a crazy amount of bookmarks are synced), who also remembers the number to be much higher. (And again: I've already seen the new bookmarks on my old laptop, so the sync temporarily worked. So I don't understand why now all of a sudden they're all gone.)

    I am still devastated about this loss of data (I use and need for my work as an entrepreneur).

    PS: You know what's funny? I just realized that the number of bookmarks today is lower than yesterday. When I wrote a friend of mine about the problem, Opera said on that about 5700 bookmarks were synced. Now it's only 4958. I seriously don't know what's going on. 馃槥

    PPS: I just thought: When I uninstalled Opera on my new/broken laptop I was still logged in with my Opera account for syncing. While uninstalling I activated the option saying delete ALL my files (personal files as well). So maybe this meant that also my bookmarks were deleted from sync? (They're not in the synced trash bin, I already checked.) This would be a terrible behaviour.

    PPPS: A friend of mine suggested to uninstall Opera on my old laptop and reinstall it to see if the new bookmarks show up again (because they might be temporarily stored on my old computer when synced successfully last Friday). I am afraid to destroy even more if there is any (other) chance of getting the bookmarks back.

    Edit: For those asking about the high number of bookmarks: a) I am a heavy user (That's why I was angry about Opera 15 for those of you who can rembemer that time) and b) I have many bookmarks twice due to my manually import one year ago. I already deleted many bookmarks during 2017, but I haven't finished this time consuming project.

  • @juicedaniel If you can't see them there, it means that they most probably were never synced. Or they were removed from sync servers for some reason.

  • @leocg As I said: I saw them on my old laptop. Bookmarks I've added weeks ago on my new laptop. So unless syncing temporarily worked there is NO way I could have seen the bookmarks on my old laptop.

  • @juicedaniel So that's it, right? No chance to get my bookmarks back? "Removed for some reason." Bad luck. Not our problem.

    Thanks, Opera.

  • @juicedaniel Unfortunately this is the main problem of any synchronization service and the reason why they shouldn't be used as a backup: If anything goes wrong, the error may propagate and you will lost your data on all devices connected to the sync service.

    It seems that at some point Sync understood that those bookmarks were to be removed and did it. To restore them you need to use a backup, if you have one.

  • @juicedaniel

    You can check at your Opera profile for a Bookmarks.bak file.

    If exist, maybe they are still there.

    To find the route to your profile:

    • Follow the Opera Reset / Back up signature's link for your OS.

    To load them:

    • Close Opera
    • Rename the current Bookmarks to anything else
    • Make a copy of Bookmarks.bak
    • Disconnect from iNet
    • Rename the current Bookmarks.bak to Bookmarks
    • Open Opera - Check the Bookmarks

    If they are there, do whatever you need, modify, remove..., then make another file backup and then use Sync.

    After that make back ups of any browser/program profiles/settings.

    If no luck,
    look for System Restore Points on your OS.

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