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Opera 50 not supporting H.264 videos anymore?

  • Hello everybody,

    I recently reinstalled windows and did a fresh install of opera. Everything seemed to work ok until the last couple of updates. Youtube is telling me that my browser doesn't support HTML5 video. When I click on info I'm presented with this same screen:
    alt text

    I've just updated to the latest version and still getting the same error. From the about section:
    Version information
    Version: 50.0.2762.45 (PGO) - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 10 64-bit

    This is a recent problem that has slowly gotten worse with each update. Now any video is unplayable. I also have opera running on MacOS and that one doesn't have any issues. This seems to be a windows version problem.

    EDIT: Rebooted into linux, am getting the same error message on linux on the same video. About page for linux here:
    Version information

    Version: 49.0.2725.39 - New version 50.0.2762.45 is available
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Solus 3 (x86_64; Budgie:GNOME)

    EDIT2: It seems under linux that regular videos work, only live streams don't work. For example this gives me the error message:

  • Even happens on a Private window or a Clean profile?

    You may have to look at How to report problems in Opera steps.

    For the clean profile:

    • Opera Help > Find solutions.
      | - And rename the profile folder -.

    Or use the signature's "Test profile" option.

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Opera Stable · Beta · Developer

    Opera Test profile | Opera Back up Linux · Mac · Win

  • @zalex108 Ok updateing, I tested in private window, tested with a clean reinstall, tested with firefox, this also wasn't working. With firefox I was directed to this hotfix:
    This didn't work, even after restart.

    Finally installed chrome and that seems to be working. I honestly don't know what the issue is. On linux for example firefox is working, but vivaldi that is another chromium based browser isn't. Is this maybe a hardware issue because of the big bug they found the couple of days ago?

    So for now I wasn't able to find a solution, still trying things out. I honestly don't want to use chrome because it's lacking so much stuff. I sure hope this gets fixed soon. I'll be waiting patiently.

  • @mr-icks

    I have no problem on W10 and 2 laptops.

    Try to copy/paste WiDevine folder on Opera's install folder - if empty -.

  • @zalex108 ok, copied that folder still doesn't seem to work.

    Mine had 2 files in platform_speciffic, but none of the rest. Even after deleting the old files stil not working with the ones from the zip. I don't think this is a windows specific problem anymore, because it should be working on linux just the same, but it's not.

  • @mr-icks Can you play H264 videos with Windows Media Player?

  • @mr-icks

    Then try the above steps, installing Opera 48 but:

    • Download O48 offline installer
    • Use the options to do a Standalone installation
    • Disable network connection
    • Rename O48 auto-update file
    • Connect to internet
    • Test Youtube
  • @zalex108 mkey....can you maybe point me to where/how I can download the offline installer. I get to the page where I'm to download a 36.6mb file, but when I click download it downloads the 1.2mb online installer. So from here?:

  • @mr-icks

    On the WiDevine link, then on the O48 link, - it's from the Opera's FTP -.

  • @zalex108 ok, after reading through that post you link it seems to be the same issue. I installed 48, copied the profile files over, still doesn't work. At least I know it's a flash issue. I tested to see if flash gets detected and it says it isn't installed or running. I'm fine with that as I don't want it on my system anyway, but why aren't html5 videos working though? As far as I am aware HTML5 and flash are 2 different beasts.

    I think we can just finish this debugging session, I'll just wait a few more weeks for another update where this might get fixed eventually. Considering I'm getting this error on different OSs as well with the same Opera version I don't think it's something I need to install extra for the browser.

    Thanks for the help.

  • @mr-icks

    In my case I don't have FlashPlayer installed, instead I use a portable Flash version and it's just "switch" pointed to an Entertainment profile as well to a Test profiles, despite that, Youtube works fine on any of my non Flash enabled profiles.

    In case you are interested in give another chance, here is the link.

  • @mr-icks What about my question? Also, does list H264 as being supported?

    What opera://gpu says about video decode?

  • It's a linux distro issue. Happens to me all the time (after upgrade) in openSUSE Leap. I don't know exact solution now, but could post it in a day or two after I get back home. On Xubuntu works without these issues. AMD opensource radeon drivers in both cases