Unable to view stored passwords

  • For some time now i have had to search passwords via syncing Opera with Chrome

    And here's why

    Entering my login details for Windows - Fails, tells me my password or email is wrong ( I logged out of windows 3 times and used the exact same details to log back in, just to make sure i was entering the right password)
    Using "other options" where my email is auto filled and putting in my password (one i use several times a day and used successfully 3 times to log in to windows before posting) - Fails, tells me my password or email is incorrect.

    Why did Opera change to this broken method of viewing saved passwords?
    How do i view my saved passwords when the process to view them is broken?
    Do I need to continue having to use Chrome to view passwords stored in Opera? If this is the case Opera may as well be deleted, no point having 2 browsers when one is clearly unable to do what I need from it..

  • @ianh Did you check with Opera 50?

  • Works with 50, at least for now, was broken before.

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