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Instagram stories refuse to load, only sound can be heard.

  • Hello, this is one of the worst things I have ever experienced because I cannot seem to find any fix, anywhere around the internet. So, basically, Instagram videos from the stories, I repeat, from the stories not from the usual uploads, those work with no problem, on the latest Opera version cannot be played, only sound can be heard and the image of the video keeps loading forever. I wanna point out that sometimes, THEY WORK, it's just very very rare. Tried reinstalling the browser, nothing, tried reinstalling flash player, nothing, completely deleted flash player and clean installs, nothing, exceptions at the "Flash" section of the settings added, nothing. I am out of solutions. Please, someone has to know what's going on. BTW, they work on Chrome with no problem, not like it matters anyways.

  • @zyon96 What version of Opera and what OS? Can you play videos normally? Instragram doesn't use Flash so I guess it's not the problem.

    BTW Instagram stories work fine here on Windows 10.

  • @leocg Version 49.0.2725.64 (PGO) , Windows 7 64-bit. Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and so on all work. Instagram videos that aren't stories work too, only stories never seem to work, like I mentioned, very rarely some load, then some load with no image, only sound, and some don't load at all. And it has to be an issue with the browser since Chrome doesn't have any problems on this same OS I'm running...

  • @zyon96 Any extensions running? Did you check with a clean profile directory?

  • @leocg Well, since I checked with a clean profile, meaning no extensions were running. Yes, nothing changed, no extensions and clean profile didn't do the trick. I thought it has to be something from Opera refusing SOMETIMES to play .mp4 files, on Instragram sometimes it plays them and sometimes don't, which is weird.