Password edit fails, cannot login to microsoft

  • Opera v49, I cannot view my passwords inside the password manager. It appears some kind of security upgrade happened whereby all of my passwords have been restricted such that I cannot view them. When I click "show" a popup request that I provide my microsoft password. I DO NOT HAVE A PASSWORD and it refuses to accept blank.
    Also, my user name is no longer visible on certain, financial, web sites. For example, anything regarding to banking is now blank for user name.
    This just started happening in the past week.
    It appears to be a feature, not a bug!!!!!!!!!

  • No system password? I suppose you might still be using Windows 7, later versions almost require one.

    Known issue, though, and dozens of threads on the topic. It is a bug in the underlying Chromium engine and is fixed in the upcoming Opera 50 (currently in Beta). As such, thread closed.

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