Sync Extensions and Search Engines please!

  • Can we please get syncing of search engines? It's so annoying re-doing it EVERY bloody time on every system when I add a new search keyword to one of my systems. And same goes for Extensions. I use many of them and changing or adding them by hand on every reinstall or change gets really annoying. I mean, we have the Sync feature which is there for this exact purpose. Why not use it? Search engine keywords are one of the most awesome features I've used in any browser. No more clumsy search fields, you just drop a keyword and word you're searching for and it'll look it up. It's why sync is so important for it, so you have same search engines and keywords in all browsers no matter how much you add or remove them.

  • I agree, it would be very interesting to also synchronize the keyboard shortcuts, because that yes is a very annoying job of having to stay redoing

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