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  • Day by Day its going down.. extrem mode does not works on google sites.
    high mode works good but on 2g network sometimes youtube fail to load.

  • @armaani99 what happens when you try to upload in High mode? Does the application crash or you see some error message?

    @armaani99 said in Opera mini uploding problem:

    and Choosing option does not work on facebook like photo filter cant select while uplading photo in extrem mode.

    This problem was already discussed in

    @jackob11 said in Opera mini uploding problem:

    In Facebook there has a way to upload multiple (3 photos) at a time. In Opera Mini you can select 3 photos but can't upload them. After selecting 3 photos then press upload then everytime Opera Mini can able to upload just only one photo.. another two photos can't be uploaded by Opera Mini. Previously I report to Opera by submitting bug report and also I tried to let them know via Opera's Twitter page & I also pasted in here in the Opera Forums. But nothing at all.

    But that is in Extreme mode, right? I cannot actually see a report about that from your e-mail. Please make a new report or post bug ID here.

  • @mbaluta I actually did that report using my another gmail. But since I deleted all my mails from mailbox I don't have the bug id anymore.
    And here, in the 3rd comment about 7 months ago I already told about this problem but get no response.

    Also I'm facing this terrible problem but still no response from Opera's side.

  • @mbaluta
    when i click on photo button. its says "could not initiate file upload"
    screen shot

  • @jackob11 quite often when I look at our forums I look at the topic and then I know whether I know about some issue or not yet. When you post about some problem in some random topic, then it may easily be unnoticed. That's why it's so important for us to have one topic per one issue.

    @armaani99 said in Opera mini uploding problem:

    when i click on photo button. its says "could not initiate file upload"
    screen shot

    Thank you very much for the screenshot! I will ask our developers what might be the cause of this issue. Could you answer these questions in the meantime:

    1. What is your phone?
    2. Do you have any non-standard Android version like LineageOS or something like that?
    3. What is your Android version?
    4. Can you select a file when doing upload in Extreme compression mode?
  • @mbaluta
    My phone is Moto razer hd xt926 running on android 4.4.2.
    Gallery does not open.
    When i try to touch on + photo button then this error comes. Mean does not open file nanager or gallery.

  • I already know the response. Android 4.4.2 has a bug in the Webview component which Opera Mini uses to display pages when using High or no compression modes. I guess you have the latest version of Android released for this phone, so you're only option is to use Extreme compression mode for uploading files or use another browser, for example Opera for Android, which does not rely on Webview.

  • 😏 so thats mean we cannot upload in high mode anymore.
    Opera use much memory.

  • 4.4.2 is latest for this phone.

  • I have an if-else, using flourishlib's fRequest::isPost(). If that is true, I am checking the $_FILE and if it has a "src" element, then the image is processed. It works wonderfully for other browsers, but for Opera Mini it is not even getting there, however, I know the post was successful, because my saved values are re-entered and automatically validated after I click the upload button.

  • yes, I'm also facing same problem in ncell network, nepal, it also doesn't work in nepal. we can't upload pics/videos in fb and other social sites. i think pdf also must hv same to upload, we have to chrome closing it to upload a pic. I'm facing this problem from 4/5 older versions to now. it says please select a file to send sometimes. please opera solve it.