Opera Mini Shows Annoying Pop Ups

  • Opera Mini can't able to enter & browse Google Classroom website https://classroom.google.com In Extreme mode can't able to sign in with gmail. And while in High mode gmail login is ok but can't able to browse anything just because unlimited "Response.bin" pops up for download even if I cancel it then it comes over and over again. Fix this ASAP. Snapshot

    Like this; a media (play/download) pop up named "playback" always nagging when I tried to go 10convert.com from youtube video URL.
    Its a youtube video URL https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c8bkGdeqwWw
    then I tried to erase https://m.youtube then place as like 10convert ar the first (and the rest of the URL remains same with that .com)
    So, the link should be 10convert.com/watch?v=c8bkGdeqwWw
    then I do enter & then that "playback" pop up comes multiple times even if I do cancel it.
    So, fix this annoying Pop Up things.

  • Any Step from Opera's side?

  • Bye Bye, Opera Mini.
    I face too much problems by using Opera Mini & I'm annoyed.
    Today I made my decision to abandon Opera Mini & switch to Chrome. I have UC Browser installed too (for file downloading purpose) Now I just uninstalled Opera Mini & login to Opera Forums via another browser.

    Whatever, if Opera Mini can great again in the future like old days, I'll come back to Opera Mini for sure. But I haven't any plan to come back soon.
    And one thing that I've to say, once Opera Mini was great, actually the greatest but now a total piece of Shit. (And its true)

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