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Website Videos Don't Play

  • I figured out how to stop YouTube and other videos from constantly buffering: Settings > Browser > System > uncheck Use Hardware acceleration when available. Doing this has significantly reduced video buffering. I know it wasn't checked before and perhaps with an update, it became enabled.

  • And with that setting are you able to view those problematic videos?

  • @onthehunt said in Website Videos Don't Play:

    Using 51.0.2802.0 on Windows 7 desktop. Yesterday the issue started with videos not playing on a lot of websites. Some YouTube videos play, some don't. FB videos won't play either. The video looks like it is starting but then the screen goes black. How can this be resolved? Thanks.

  • @zalex108 -- Unchecking the hardware acceleration worked for a short while, then the buffering started again. I turned off VPN with hardware acceleration still unchecked and now videos load fast and no buffering. This leads me to believe using VPN may also cause slow video load and buffering. My internet connection speed is 200mbps, so I know it's not a speed issue.

  • @onthehunt From the VPN section on settings:

    VPN connects to websites via various servers around the world, so your connection speed >might be affected.

  • If you want/need a VPN, try to use it as an Extension, at least until the Opera VPN will be fixed or disabled.

    You can test with a clean profile also and see if the problem still occurs.

    For the clean profile:

    • Opera Help > Find solutions.
      | - And rename the profile folder -.

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    Opera Stable · Beta · Developer

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  • @zalex108 -- I began using Opera developer about a year ago because of the VPN feature. Until just recently, I didn't have any issues with VPN. Now that VPN is causing significant issues and might be disabled by Opera, I don't see the advantage of using Opera versus other browsers.

  • @onthehunt said in Website Videos Don't Play:

    I don't see the advantage of using Opera versus other browsers.

    A user's decision.
    Depending on the use, needings, machine, devices...

    Some users complains about Chrome/FFox resources eating and that problem push them to search other browsers and then finds Opera.

    Others comes from the Mobile iOS/Android version.

    Other users likes about the SideBar Messengers.

    Others comes from the old Opera Presto.

    Others comes for the VPN.

    So... it depends on the users.

    If your only motivation to use Opera it's the VPN then... you'll switch to another browser which fits more on your overall needings since there are many VPN extensions that works for Chromium based browsers.

    Whichever will be your decision, keep an eye on the Opera VPN news, sooner or later they will fixed or say something about.

  • Try to temporarily disable your Anti-Virus or any sort of third party software that may case this.

  • @alek1122 I'm having the same problem with Opera browser Mac.. videos don't play on my Facebook there a download that could fix this? tx

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