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Changes in vpn.

  • @boroyb88 said in Changes in vpn.:

    @zalex108 said in Changes in vpn.:


    i need vpn only in opera

    It has an extension also at Chrome store.

  • I noticed the slow down 4 days ago and as of yesterday the VPN no longer works as it tries to connect but doesn't. The provider for the VPN is a company called Surf Easy and much of what they do is sell their products and service so maybe they have had a falling out with Opera or are having troubles whether financial or technical.

  • They sold SurfEasy to Symantec and in v49 they changed to their own VPN. I thought I read more locations may be added later.

  • @deesnider said in Changes in vpn.:

    They sold SurfEasy to Symantec and in v49 they changed to their own VPN. I thought I read more locations may be added later.

    Why can not developers see this message and fix the problem?

  • @boroyb88 hahaha. after all the complaints they just added Asia. Oh my God

  • I have 4 locations without flags and whichever I choose I get the same ip address in version 49.0.2725.64 (PGO)? This vpn is totally messed up now.

  • @magma500 I noticed... wish it had the flags, with TunnelBear at least they show the flag and you always have a different IP...

  • Terrible speeds in the new VPN in the US too. Though they have an options for the "Americas" in the country list I notice that I always connect to France. Wierd. My Opera just updated to 49.0.2725.64 (PGO)

  • The new VPN has 4 choice: Optimal, Americas, Europe and Asia. However, ALL the IP addresses are in France. Only the last set of digits in the IP address are different.

  • I downloaded opera like 2 weeks ago and I saw this is the only browser which is perfect and just for me.Vpn worked perfect until the last version.This is the only reason why I use Opera.I was happy with my Opera untill 2 days ago.The Vpn is very slow now.There are only Eu,US and Asia.I want the old opera.Google Chrome is better option for me now with Adblocker and Zenmate VPN.I will wait the old version for 1 week.

  • I'm running Opera's latest version on Windows 10 and all the VPN virtual locations (Singapore, Netherlands, Canada, US, Germany) have mysteriously disappeared since yesterday afternoon...Is it a bug and if so, is it gonna be fixed anytime soon ? I've never experienced that type of issues before. Thanks for taking the time to read my message.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated !

  • Would only work for a little while ... Opera sold the VPN company they owned (SurfEasy) and thus is changing the built-in VPN to use Opera's own servers. Downloading old versions is easy enough from the FTP server, but you'd have to block the automatic updates (not hard) and the old VPN would soon stop working.

  • Opera has sold its former VPN service (SurfEasy) and is replacing it with Opera's own VPN servers. New Opera browser versions reflect that changeover, whereas old browser versions will find it more difficult or impossible to connect to the old service in a timely way (since Opera no longer is affiliated with its operation).

  • @sgunhouse make a quick VPN or you can not compete with Google Chrome and people will leave you

  • Today I noticed my Google search was in Russian. I turned off VPN and it was back to English. After awhile I turned it back on and again it was in Russian. Guess I will have to turn VPN off until they fix it. 😞

  • Now I see Opera VPN is changing all my speed dial like AliExpress to french. Why can't they just leave it alone.

  • @lucysnowy the moderator wrote that this will never be fixed.

  • Well, I created a user only to comment that this VPN version of Opera has gotten worse since now we only have 3 VPN's and before we had 5 VPN's. What's worse in this world is that it loves a range for this service,, being easier to be blocked in public firewalls and in companies by basic rules of access statistics. Unfortunately the technical area of Opera does not analyze a visible problem. I hope this is only a test because the product was good before.

  • Does the dev team has any intentions off adding more location in the future ?
    You could say Opera's special abilities against other browsers is that nice built-in VPN and the built-in Ad-block ...

  • Actually VPN its working so bad, it doesn't matter which conection Im using, I mean the region, in everyone it says "ukraine" and internet is very slow, three days ago everything was okay, the connection used to be in USA

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