Just about all videos won't play!

  • You have to unload the last chromium-ffmpeg-codecs-extra update and re-install an earlier one. The latest one (chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra_63.0.3239.84-0ubuntu0.14.04.1_amd64) won't work.

  • So, chromium-63-based opera 50 is out today. Can you all verify that chromium 63 ffmpeg codecs work now?
    I would, but I can't, because debian does not package chromium ffmpeg codecs.

  • Neither does Mageia ...

  • It seems that debian and mageia depend on the libav* libs (libavcodec/libavcodec-extra, libavformat and libavutil) instead of libffmpeg to provide the needed html5 support for chromium. I thought it was just debian, but after I checked chromium's dependencies on mageia, I am sure they do the same.


    How hard is it for opera devs to make opera use these libs as well instead of its own libffmpeg and the ones provided by chromium ffmpeg codecs (on the distros that do build and package them).

  • You can fix video in all recent Opera versions (under Debian at least) by downloading this


    And extracting the libffmpeg.so file from it and putting it into the directory /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera

  • Linux mint 18.3 offers 63.0.3239.132-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 ffmpeg codecs via update manager, do those work?
    I don't want to install them just to see if they work and if not, do all the work installing a earlier version.

  • Just a notice...
    Chromium 64 was released today, so it will soon be on in the repos of all major and minor distros, along with chromium codecs 64. In turn, they may (or may not) be compatible with today's opera 50, which is built on chromium 63. So, brace yourselves, whining about "videos not playing anymore" is coming :p

    This solution has been suggested many times in the past. I am against it as a solution because that is an ARCH linux package, built on totally different libs, ffmpeg etc. What if someone is on debian stable which has ffmpeg 3.2.x? What if he is on ubuntu 16.04 which has an even older version of ffmpeg? Using a "foreign" lib to just make things work seems like a pretty stupid idea to me...

    Opera 50 is chromium 63 based, so mint's chromium ffmpeg codecs should play with no problem. However, keep in mind what I said above.

  • Here we go again..........

    Running Opera 50.0.2762.67 - Opera is up to date.
    For about a week or so all videos were playing well, right up to today when all vids refuse to play again!

    This is getting pretty old. Wish Opera would address this chronic issue and solve it!

  • @jimunderscorep chromium codecs 64 is not compatible with today's opera 50.

  • @sigmalion said in Just about all videos won't play!:

    @jimunderscorep chromium codecs 64 is not compatible with today's opera 50.

    I know. Opera 50 is based on chromium 63, thus chromium 64 ffmpegs codes do nbt work with it.
    When I wrote that post above, ~2weeks ago, chromium 64 was just released and all distros still had chromium 63 on their repos. That's why I said "it will soon be in the repos etc..."

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