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  • Latest version still WRONG!

    You've cocked up the VPN.
    I have 100Mbps Virgin cable, running consistently at 103Mbps
    The new version on VPNs only allows me to select a continent or Optimal. This is a step backwards.
    Selecting "Europe" or "Optimal" only gives me less than 2Mbps; ridiculous.
    The old system allowed me to select countries at my choice. I am in the UK and I noticed that when Optimal selected France it was rarely above 25Mbps, too slow.
    When I chose Germany, even though it was father away, I was getting above 75Mbps.
    Now I cannot get above 2Mbps BECAUSE you do not offer me the flexibility to chose at country level.
    WHAT'S GOING ON ??? !!!
    2Mbps is not good enough.

  • The same problem still goes on.I had turned to 47 but the Vpn stop working now and we have to use this bullshit vpn now.Leaving time came from Opera.

  • I was using the Opera VPN connection to reach one single site, which was not allowed for direct access from my workplace. This morning, in the early hours, it worked fine. After leaving it alone for 1 hour due to a meeting I had to go to, when I came back to my desk, I have seen, VPN is not configured for this version. Upgrade your browser message. Without a doubt, I upgraded and restarted the browser.

    Now, I can go to any site as long as VPN is not active, but of course the site that was previously and is still blocked. As soon as I activate VPN, regardless which area I choose, all pages go into connecting (spinning wheel) mode and become unreachable.

    I have searched for possible solutions using my google powers. Everybody is pointing to modifying the malware blocking applications exception list and adding operavpn there. Well, as I am working on a corporate owned machine, I do not have that luxury and it was, I mean operavpn was allowed (maybe implicitly) this morning and we don't change settings in the midday as a policy at my workplace. I am in IT and I know it. So, something on OperaVPN end has changed and rendered it useless.

    Can anyone help me get back into being functional ?

  • What the heck is going on with this VPN, regardless of the continent the IP is restricted to Sweden which makes it unusable for me, had to install the SurfEasy Proxy extension to sort this out in the meanwhile.

  • I guess as a random someone who never paid anything for Opera I have little right to complain about anything in the first place...

    However as it currently stands I can no longer use Opera with the HEAVY DOWNGRADE of VPN in Opera 50.

    Today I was forced to update Opera since "VPN is no longer Supported" and what I got was horrible.
    Instead of being able to choose specific Countries USA, Netherlands, Germany I'm now resricted to continents. That would not be that much of a problem.... But the Speed of the VPN connection is bad joke... Simple sites are loading for ages... video streaming... lol! forget that!

    (OFC... I already tried alot to fix this aka antivirus, router, third party - no use)

    The main usage of my Opera was to avoid the strict region locks I have to suffer when using streaming provider such as Crunchyroll. Sadly - that's impossible now.

    If that's not going to be fixed I'll have to look for another solution and there's little reason for me left to use Opera at all. 😕

    Just why?....

  • When using VPN I am getting very little bandwidth... maybe 1.5 meg or less.

    This just started recently. I also notice that no matter what Virtual Location I select my IP is always 77.111.245.x.

    I have experienced this on Ubuntu and IOS and also from different ISPs...

    What is happening - why is bandwidth all of a sudden so limited? Is anyone else seeing this.

  • @flyboy
    I'm going back to HOXX on FireFox. I get only 2% to 5% reduction in download speed. Oh, and they have an IP leak stopper as well!
    It's unacceptable that Opera's developers didn't test the last 2 releases thoroughly enough to spot such a flaw. Holiday or not, this is unprofessional.

  • @leocg
    Unless Opera fixes the EXTREMELY slow performance of VPN, everything else is inconsequential. No one will use a VPN at less than 2Mbps.
    As I already said, I'm now using HOXX with IP leak stopper and everything is fine at 95% to 98% of full bandwidth.
    Bring back user Country selectable VPN.

  • vpn opera 50 beta no speed Please correct !

  • @flyboy oh yeah bro. they just broke the working mechanism. there remains a current of crying. they probably do not work with vpn. so they probably do not go in here and especially do not solve the problem or return the old model. we are left with the problem on one. even a rollback will not help ((((

  • @flyboy may i ask about HOXX: is it unlimited bandwith and free if not: how is the pricing?

  • @terrymcginnes said in IS VPN with problem now?:

    @flyboy oh yeah bro. they just broke the working mechanism. there remains a current of crying. they probably do not work with vpn. so they probably do not go in here and especially do not solve the problem or return the old model. we are left with the problem on one. even a rollback will not help ((((

    making assumptions only makes an ass you of you. making comments like this only serves to make them not want to actually solve the vpn issue. comments like yours are best kept to ones self.

  • @acidinmyfridge edit: checked their website, looks somewhat dubious to me. pricing for premium only says from 1.99$ and nothing else.

  • @acidinmyfridge

    You can try it on a Test profile without any personal information.

  • @acidinmyfridge it is free with unlimited bandwidth, but there's not a version for Opera as far as I can see. I use it with FireFox and Chrome and it doesn't seem to impact performance too badly. It does allow WebRTC IP leaking, though, so if you're concerned about that, you'll also need an add-on for that.

  • @chuchkyschild Right you are in they broke something that was working. From what I gather, it probably done as a cost saving and/or control measure to bring the VPN services inhouse rather than outsource it. It just seems to me they either were OK with degrading the service or they didn't realize how complex and costly it was going to be to create and support a well performing VPN.

  • @cbrown72701 You seem to assume there's a single "they" involved in this. In any typical business, there are multiple "theys" within the organization, each with its own point of view and resources, with one senior-level "they" who actually balances the option tradeoffs and makes the final decision that puts things all in motion. The other "theys" then have to do the best they can, within the time/resource limitations at hand, to eventually try to make it all work. It doesn't always unfold with elegance.