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Impossible to sync Bookmarks

  • The one feature I appreciate in Opera is Bookmarks. I have 3 computers and I whish my Bookmarks to be synchronized but it is imposible to manage. I see my computers from, I see the bookmarks of my computers from each computer but I found no way to copy them from one to another...

    The messages are useless, all possible actions are "reinitialise password" and "reinitialize synch" (I did reinitialize synch and restart opera on each computer). The help is totally useless. The more I search, the more I see strange things (Right now and since 15-20mn, with 2 connected computers, 1 computer can't see himself while the other sees 2... ; opera says to me "something abnormal happened, reconnect").

    I also tried a backup to do it manually, but backup is also useless (the help is showing file names that don't appear in the computer !, they are translated in my language !) and worste, contrarily to what is sayd in help, it is impossible to make a partial copy/paste (Bookmark, BookmarksExtras), because it reinitialises all !

    I spent hours to try and make something that is strongly assumed by opera, and should be simple and intuitive. Maybe am I stupid.

  • If you use the same account on all Opera installations on those computers, then you should see the same bookmarks on all of them.

    Maybe one of the computers is having issues connecting to the sync server or syncing.

    Did you try to log out and log in again?

  • @leocg said in Impossible to sync Bookmarks:

    computers is having issues connecting to the sync server or syncing.

    Thank you to reply

    Did you try to log out and log in again?
    Yes I did

  • To be sure about the "help" you have read it's the one you need, use F1 or Menu > Help.

    An option to test your profiles and Sync is, to use a clean profile or install a standalone on each machine - copy paste would be enough -, and test from them.

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