Tab menu in sidebar

  • how does the "Tab Menu" in the sidebar apear ? Because sometimes it's there, and sometimes not (and it's not under sidebar setting to put a checkmark). I don't see the pattern ? Would like to have it there all the time.

  • It should appear when you are logged in to sync.

  • it does appear every once in a while but then disappears, look:
    I'm logged in all the time on the tablet and on the desktop.
    Tablet's tabs are always shown in the drop down menu next to the minimization icon, but "Tab menu" in the sidebar only appears every once in a while. I don't get it.

  • @heroj202 I have noticed the same issue. I am always signed in; but one time the tab icon is on the sidebar, and the next time it is not. I also tried to customize the sidebar, but as you said, it is not one of the selections. It always seems to appear at the top of the page, but not in the sidebar. It's very bizarre and very frustrating.

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