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  • I don't know about the rest of you but here's the thing. There are many, many users who just want the browser to work, period. In other words, people who really have no idea where to find, or how to change default settings. Lately, I have been discouraged by the last few updates to Opera. Instead of letting ME decide what becomes the default, Opera changes it and either you can't find out how to change it back, it won't change if you change it (yes, lol) and any other combination. My confusion came with Flash. It's supposed to be terrible and all that, but many sites still use it. In settings, it says use Flash on all sites, which is the "default", yet it doesn't work half the time for different sites or does NOT give me an option to ENABLE it. I saw a mention of an extension that will do all sorts of good stuff, turning off and on things. Seriously? I have to put another extension on for something that should be changeable IN OPERA? Most of the things Opera updates take away, in the settings it says it has NOT. It's becoming a nightmare. A POPUP should come up at the very beginning of a new update install for each item that is changed or SHUT DOWN so the USER can decide what stays or goes. I am seriously thinking about dropping Opera because it's getting too cute for laypeople. Techies like to play, I understand but this is getting ridiculous. Oh, and by the way, I have been playing with computers since 1983 and I see why lots of people won't get computers, because you have too much crap to do in set up and maintenance. lol

  • Talk to Chromium. They changed how Flash works in all Chromium-based browsers: Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, etc. Nothing we can do about it.

  • @sgunhouse That was my point. THEY changed it and I have NO say. They need to let the USER decide what's best for the USER? If the USER has no say, then why is there a forum for suggestions? Also, the settings did NOT change but the behavior has. So why have the settings not changed? In other words some things in the settings are bogus now? lol Makes no sense. It reminds me of the websites that say you are using Chrome, please us IE or something else. Yet is not Chrome number one in the world? So those websites are choosing what browser I have to use? lol I think it's time to rethink even being online anymore. I'm only on maybe a couple of hours at best, but chopped up into 15 minutes here and there.