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opera newest version for ''.jar''

  • Is there a opera version for .jar that DOESN'T use opera link since it is dead?

  • Try going to using your phone's browserto get the latest version for your phone.

  • according to that the latest version is opera mini 8.0.35626, but it still has ''opera link'', which doest work anymore

  • @lawlietnate i don't think there is a version without Link unless, maybe, some very old one.
    You can just ignore Link and keep using Opera Mini.

  • @leocg it is not because I dont want it, I want to synchronize my bookmarks and stuff but as it uses opera link I cant.
    Anyway thak you for answering, its an old phone, I know it may have some issues

  • Sync service is not implemented in Opera Mini for J2ME, so your only option to synchronize bookmarks is to copy and paste them using some online website (I don't know any worth recommending, but I'm sure you'll manage something that suits your needs).

  • @mbaluta said in opera newest version for ''.jar'':

    Sync service is not implemented in Opera Mini for J2ME

    Which leads me to the question:

    Is there a way to access ALL downloadable versions of Opera, by selecting the platform? Using means you have to go through automatic platform detection, which can be misleading or faulty.

    I am sure that some versions are still Java-based, so in theory they could work on a phone like mine (Samsung Wave II running Bada, with a Java engine).

    The old Bada-version of Opera Mini has long been discontinued (but I do not know if that was really native Bada or "Java under disguise".

    The sad thing is, that neither the built-in distribution systems by the manufacturer (in my case "Samsung Apps", in case of Android systems the Google Play store, or Blackberry World) tell you about the real nature of what you are installing!

    That is why I prefer to select apps on my PC, which also gives me a nice backup: I simply keep a copy of the installable on my PCs hard drive... Then I copy this directly to the SD card of the phone and install...

    If its Java, I can open all those .JAR, .JAD or even .APK files, as they are all ZIP archives, and even make corrections to common configuration mistakes (like a too small resolution, disabled landscape/portrait orientation, etc., wrong icon resolution) and keep all those modifications backed up.

    For that, I miss a central download directory from Opera, where I can look specifically for Java, J2EE or J2ME based versions, and within that, have ALL versions ever produced...

    That would be on my wishlist for Opera...

    Oh, by the way, the Blackberry version of Opera Mini Beta (32.0.2254.122823) DOES have a sync feature. And I bet it is written in Java...

  • or for the rescue. But current sync platform was implemented only in Android and iOS clients as far as I know. Maybe on Windows Phone.

    32.0.2254.122823 is an Android client, so I guess you checked this on Android-based Blackberry phone. Android apps are written mostly in Java, but that doesn't mean you can install it on other phones that has some kind of Java.

  • I am fully aware that there is no way for a user to port an app that runs on Blackberry somewhere else, if not for some compatibility problems then Blackberry's strong security and encryption features stand against it. But it means that Opera could make a such a port with much less effort needed than a port of a native app would imply....

    Btw. my Blackberry Q10 can do both: Android and native apps, and both could be Java..., and so far I have found no way to tell what exactly runs there... My old Samsung would indicate a running JRE with an icon, but the BB doesn't.