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newbie questions (display theme, extensions)

  • Thanks.

    Since I can't get my system theme to show, I thought I might try Wallpapers. But when I enable wallpapers, I don't see anything different. The address and tabs bars stay the same. So where do the wallpapers show up?

    Oh, interesting -- if I unmaximize the window, there appears at least sort of titlebar. There's no text in it, but it's at least a little space between the tabs the the top edge of the window. So I could keep the window not maxed, and stretch it to fit the screen. That's at least a step towards better.

    But I still don't see anything resembling a wallpaper.

  • @brynn said in newbie questions (display theme, extensions):

    So where do the wallpapers show up?

    On Start Page/Speed Dial as a background theme.
    Opera does not allow you to change its layout.

  • The most you can do about Themes is toggle between Light and Dark, go to SD (SpeedDial) and click on the top right icon to enable it, there you can find the Wallpapers option too.

    If finally you like Opera, you should take a look at the whole Settings, and to | Opera Back up | on the "signature".

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  • No offense, but I wonder what the point is about having wallpaper which only shows up on 2 pages.

    Now there's new problem that I can't solve. I'm just trying to close the Opera browser. I click the X button in the top-right corner, and I've tried Menu > Exit.

    The window goes away, but when I look at the taskbar, I see that it wasn't closed, it was only minimized. No matter how many times I click the X button or Menu > Exit, the window will not close.

    What's the trick?

    Thanks again

  • Oh, I missed this before

    "If finally you like Opera, you should take a look at the whole Settings, and to | Opera Back up | on the "signature"."

    I have looked at the whole settings, I think, if you mean Menu > Settings. But I don't find anything about Backup or Signature.

  • Oh, you mean your signature! I see.

    To be honest, I'm not entirely thrilled with Opera. I mean, I start with customizing the browser, and then I'll move on to configuring for security, etc. But it looks like there's no customization to happen - certainly not about the color of th browser.

    I mean, I see where Opera ranks in market share. But I'm really shocked that so many people are fine with a white browser and no titlebar.

    Plus, nothing makes me madder than trying to do a simple thinking like closing the program, and it won't close.

  • @brynn In fact the wallpaper on start page. The idea seems to give the user a background for her/his speed dials.

    What happens if you use the other buttons like minimize and maximize?

  • Well...

    It has its limitations... and needs some user workflow, but depending on the usage/needings too.

    Themes, personas or wallpapers are not a must for me, at the other hand I miss some things but right now I can deal with it.

    Since Opera now "depends" on Chromium, maybe some things are not available, but not sure if they should be supported first by the Chromium > Blink Dev Team or they can be added as a layer on top - but there are some impediments to doing it - .

    BTW, for some users it's better than Chrome, others needs an easy way too create profiles and want its full profile online to access it anywhere anytime, so depends on the needings.

  • @brynn said in newbie questions (display theme, extensions):

    3 - I'm looking for something similar to Firefox's NoScript - specifically the "old" version. I don't like the version which just came out with Ff v 57. What I would like is to be able to choose which scripts on a page I want to allow. The "new NoScript" only allows or blocks all scripts on a page.

    So far, I've tried 3 different script extensions for Opera, and they all have the all or nothing behavior. Is there any such extension which will allow to choose which scripts to block and which to allow?

    Thanks for your help 馃檪

    I'm not sure if it's a limitation of Chromium, I think I've read about it some years ago, but if you don't find anything (umatrix blocks all scripts?) you can also search Chrome's extension catalogue and install it by using this extension: Alternatively there are also other methods like Privoxy.

  • @xirit32

    I suppose the problem, even with uBlock, is that the script blocking is generic.


    Despite didn't dived onto it, some sites are broken if you select full 1sr/3rd/inline party scripts to block.

  • Aaahh, finally figured out why I couldn't close it!

    It was automatically pinned to the taskbar, apparently upon installation!

  • Thanks for everyone's comments and support!

    I can't get past the white browser color. It hurts my eyes. If it would take on my theme color, it wouldn't be a problem, and I could probably live with lack of titlebar.

    It sounds from some of your comments like Opera is in the middle of some big developmental, and maybe organizational changes.

    But maybe I'll try it again someday. Thanks again!

  • @brynn

    I understood the Task Manager..., but now I don't understand the relation between being closed and appear to be open because it's pinned. xD

  • @brynn said in newbie questions (display theme, extensions):

    the white browser color. It hurts my eyes.

    I've said you can turn it to dark:


    Or do you mean about the menus?

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