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Using Opera browser, version 12.18, with Windows XP home SP3

  • Please indicate how long (months or years) I can successfully use Opera browser, version 12.18, with Windows XP home edition SP3. Presently running this Opera version with no problems.

  • You can use it as long as it can open web pages and deal with their resources.

  • For all intents and purposes, Opera 12.18 was the last of its kind, and forever frozen in space and time at February 2016. Moreover, Opera used to go to great lengths to try to work around coding in websites that stubbornly refused to work with its Presto engine in Olde Opera, and those remedial efforts have dissipated with the onset of Opera's changeover to the more-compatible Blink engine.

    It's impossible to predict when a particular feature, protocol, or browser-sniffing site-code that isn't compatible with Opera 12.18 (or your aging OS) is adopted by websites that matter to you.

    That said, I still use Opera 12.18 from time to time on this Win10 system, mostly to examine behavior of a peculiar website (there were some excellent analytic tools and customization capabilities in Olde Opera). It's still an essentially secure browser. In your case, I would suggest using it as long as you can accept the site problems that will eventually arise.