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Download movies the old fashioned way

  • Hello,
    I just "migrated" from Opera 12.18 to 49.
    In the old version, movies were downloaded with the normal file extension (mp4, flv etc) I could watch them while they were downloaded by just double clicking in Opera's download window. Now the new version downloads them with an additional extension of opdownload, and a double click returns something like "opening in xx minutes".
    How can I configure Opera to omit that "opdownload" file extension, and work like the old version.

  • You can't.

  • If I'm not wrong, it's a subextension until the download finishes.

    "Open with" OS dialog may work using VLC or any other similar player.

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  • @leocg

  • @zalex108
    You are correct, after downloading that additional extension is removed.
    I tried "open with", but in the download window there was no right-mouseclick option.
    (Of course, I can do that in the normal windows explorer, but that was not my question)
    Anyhow, thanks for your response!

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