Opera 49 attempts to access bank.gov.ua

  • Opera 49.0.2725.39 attempts to access bank.gov.ua when it starts up. I don't do any banking in the Ukraine. So I wonder if this browser is infected. It has also re-enabled Javascript when it was previously disabled.

  • It's currency converter updating its data.

  • @leocg Thanks. It's new. And I don't seem to be able to disable it.

  • It's unacceptable that Opera developers choose to download a file from a country well-known for malware development, especially without an explanation or a way to turn off the 'feature'.

    Why not continue to download the ecb.europa.eu currency data file, as before?

    Why not Opera download it from bank.gov.ua or wherever, inspect it for malware, upload it to Opera.com servers, THEN have Opera browsers connect to your servers for the currency conversion file?

    Does Opera really need to download a currency conversion file at startup? Other browsers don't offer this 'feature'.

    Someone at the "Bank of Ukraine" now gets to learn the OS and IP of Opera users around the world, and when (and how often) they start up Opera.

    Does the iOS version of Opera also download this file from bank.gov.ua? We can't easily see iOS connection, or deny them.

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