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  • I recently had a severe memory issue with Opera 42.0.2393.137 and decided to try clearing the cookies and cache going back a week. This helped reduce the memory usage but I was then unable to stay logged into one of the web sites that I keep open.

    Thinking this was a cookie issue I deleted cookies and cache "for all time", but my session for this site ends after exiting Opera even though I clicked the "remember me" option.

    Hotmail doesn't have this issue and keeps me logged on after exiting Opera.

    Complete reinstall called for here?

  • Try with How to report problems in Opera steps.

    For the clean profile:

    • Opera Help > Find solutions.

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Opera Stable · Beta · Developer

    Test profile | Back up Linux · Mac · Win

  • Try deleting the 'Cookies' file in Opera's profile folder.

  • @leocg

    No luck on deleting the Cookies file, but thanks for the suggestion: that would have saved huge amounts of backup chores.

    Back to the clean profile project (sigh).

    So frustrating after being logged into this site continuously for weeks on end and no issues with other sites (like Opera Forums) and Chrome has no issues staying logged in.

  • Try checking if there isn't any extension or software that may be interfering.

    If this happens just with one site, check if there wasn't any changes by them.

  • Hi @leocg

    Had a mouse issue and tried logging into my Windows 8 Guest account to see if that could jog something, then it occurred to me that I could use the Opera installation in the Guest account to test this.

    The Opera Guest profile is a clean profile: no extensions and only the default bookmarks.

    Same issue with this site not staying logged in between Opera sessions.

    Will contact the site's tech support to see if there may be some weird browser-specific login issues (since Chrome stays logged in between sessions).

    Will probably start with a clean slate anyway since some of the notes in my Simple Notes extension became corrupted (changed from plain text to text with embedded HTML) after years of trouble-free usage. I'm manually weeding through and copying my most important notes to make sure I don't lose data doing a complete reinstall.

  • @leocg

    After the clean Guest profile pretty much ruled out internal issues I went to the site's tech support forum and sure enough there was a whole thread of complaints about sessions being terminated on logout.

    The problem was finally resolved today.

    Opera has so many quirky little problems it's easy to suspect it as the problem causer.

    On the positive side, using the pristine profiles in my Windows Guest account is great new tool to help isolate issues with both Opera and Chrome.

    Thanks again for the help.