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syncronization not working

  • If everything shows '0' then there is a chance that there's no data on the server.

    Does opera://sync-internals/ show any error?

  • @slobodan said in syncronization not working:

    i just presed to reset sync and it said that i will not loose any date.

    It says that data on your devices will not be deleted, what should be the case.

    @slobodan said in syncronization not working:

    so is there any way to retrive?

    You will need to use a backup.

  • as i said i use opera for several years a had data passwords bookmarks one week ago i could see everything. i reinstaled my pc and instaled opera and the problem started. on my sons device laptop i used the same opera account and i can see all my history from all my devices even the speed dial and the bookmarks from the pc that i am writing now and the one i reinstalled. and the same account but one pc has data other doesnt ,
    i dont get it.

  • so i use multiple devices with same account so every device is a backup. i use this account on 4 devices

  • First, a tip: a synchronization service should never be used as a backup because one little mistake can make you loose all your data on all your devices.

    Well, if Sync doesn't work only on one device then most probably something is blocking it. Did you check anti-virus, firewall and any software that may be blocking Opera from accessing the sync server?

  • yes i did check the firewall

  • now opera reset all my devices and all the data from all my devices is gone dissaeared.

  • 10 minutes ago my sons laptop had all the data now it doesnt

  • @slobodan Do you mean that the data was removed locally? They were using the sane sync credentials?

  • when i hit reset sync, said that i did not have any data. and then i checked my sons lapttop all the data was there. several minites later opera automaticly signed out all my devices when i reconected them there was no data on any device.

  • When you reset your data it is removed from the sync server and since it's a synchronization service, all devices connect to it will start to synchronize the lack of data.

    That's why a synchronization service should never be used as a backup service.

  • worked like a charm for years and this is not on me. as you said your servers!!!!!!!! now opera on all my devices work like a charm. without the data. i will recover my passwords and most of my data but it will take time...

  • here is my suggestion:
    maybe you should consider using blockchain technology instead clasic servers.
    here is a recomendation ""
    they are cheaper, more reliable and at least 2x faster. and the most important it is impossible to loose any data.
    some food for thought.

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