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Updating to Version 48 from 33 without loosing old version

  • Hi,
    thanks to update frenzy for the last few years, I was very reluctant to update Opera once I had a version that was running and doing what I wanted.
    But, with 48 there are finally some incentives to me for an update.

    How do I update, transferring all my data, passwords, history, setting and so on to the new version. BUT in the same time keeping my old version intact so I can just delete 48 and keep using my old opera.
    Which files, folders do I need to backup and how to reinstate these if I ever need to revert back to Version 33.

    AND how to stop 48 again from auto updating

    Thanks in advance

  • You need to do a portable installation of the new version as a regular install will override the old one.
    Note that portable installations can't be set as default browser on Windows.

    Then you copy old Opera's profile folder into the new one.

  • With "profile folder" you mean the folder inside of Opera file system that is named after the Opera Version Number? - Like 33.0.1990.115 in X:\Programs\Opera\33.0.1990.115

    and these files copying OVER the 48 version files, right?

  • @falloutboy09 nope, that one is the installation folder. See about Opera for the path to the profile directory.

  • ahhh good to know, never really saw these info there 🙂

    Profil-Verzeichnis: C:\Users\Punisher\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    that should be it, right?

  • @falloutboy09 yes, this is where your data is stored.

  • Thanks you. I'm trying it right now, as I have a version on a USB-Stick.
    After copying the files, I found that have to reset some 48 features and enable them again - like the sidebar. Something to remember if I update my regular Opera version.

    Thx for the assistance and fast help, like always leocg

  • Sorry to bother you again, but something feels amiss with my 48 version. Something I just realized now as I was looking at the changelog for the 49 Version.

    The "search pop up tool" as its called in the introduction.

    For some reason, I have the right click and select via the old menu - a feature which can NOT be caputered by the new snapshot feature 😞

    Didn't see an option to activate it in settings

  • First, why don't upgrade to 49? Second, I guess 48 already had the search pop-up but probably not with all of the features.

    Check if there is a flag to enable them.

  • ahh right, flags, forgot about them.
    Good question why the 48 portable doesn't update - will do it manually with my main browser if this test of 48 runs smooth.

  • 0_1511038930519_Search-popup.png

    all features are enabled, but a flag to enable POP-up search itself I wasn't able to find.

  • @falloutboy09 There is one anymore as the experiment probably already ended and the feature incorporated into Opera.

    You shouldn't need to turn it on. If it's not working then something is wrong with your installation or there is a bug.

  • I assume a bug, as I can't remember seeing that as I was using the 48 version as a clean slate, before I coppied the files.
    thanks for the help.
    Will keep it in mind when I update my regular Opera to the new version, maybe next year