Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is a tentative of keeping together answers for the most frequently asked questions about Opera for desktops.

    This topic will be updates as more questions arrive in the forums.

  • How to play Flash content in Opera?

    Due to changes in Chromium preparing for a 'plug-in free' web and also the end of Flash, you will be asked to allow or block Flash on a page the first time you try to run Flash on that page.

    When accessing a page with Flash you should see something like this somewhere in the page:

    0_1510782469865_Opera Instantâ

    If you click on it, you should see the following dialog banner asking you to allow or block Flash on the page:


    Clicking on 'allow' or 'block' will add the site as an exception in Settings > Sites > Flash allowing or blocking Flash.

    In some situations the banner or the plug-in placeholder may not appear so you will need to add the exception manually.

  • I have Flash installed but even so pages say I need to install or update Flash

    Opera and other Chromium based browsers use PPAPI Flash player so make sure that you have that version installed.

    You can download it from here. Select your OS and then the Flash version for Opera. Don't forget to uncheck the offer if you are not interested in it.

  • What is Opera's profile directory and where can I find it?

    The profile folder is where Opera stores its (basically yours) data such as history, passwords, extensions, settings and so on.
    To find the path to the profile directory go to Menu > About Opera or type opera://about in address bar

  • Where can I find old versions of Opera?

    You can find them at Opera's FTP

  • How to create a clean profile directory

    Take note of the path to the profile directory (see above), then go there using your OS file explorer and rename the directory so Opera will create a new one on next start.

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