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Opera 49 on Debian Testing x64 significantly slower, often crashes

  • I have been a Debian and Opera user for quite some time now and have never had any problems, but ever since upgrading to the latest Opera stable release browsing has become much slower, especially on sites like Facebook and Gmail. General crushes are pretty often too. Does anyone else have this problem? It's making it almost unusable for me and I really don't want to switch to another browser.

  • Debian testing x64 and opera 49 here as well, but I noticed no big differences or slowdowns compared to 48 and no crashes so far.

    More info:

    • openbox window manager
    • no compositing
    • pepperflash from dmo (package flashplayer-chromium)
    • opera is launched with these parameters
      opera --start-maximized --disk-cache-dir=/tmp/cache
    • extensions used
      ublock origin, extension source viewer and autoscroll (from chrome's web store)
    • built-in vpn and adblock disabled
      Feel free to sak for more if you want.
  • @jimunderscorep The only difference between your setting and mine is that I've got the built-in adblock enabled and have no extensions installed. Disabling the adblock had no effect. Thanks for your input though.

  • Just wanted to say that ever since my last upgrade to Opera 49 I experience Opera to slow down significantly after browsing for a while. It is even capable of freezing my entire computer if I don't close it every once in a while. Very inconvenient. I'm running Opera 49 on Xubuntu 16.04 64-bit. I haven't attempted to profile anything, but it feels like we have ourselves a significant memory leak.

  • Pretty much the same, Opera 49.0.2725.34 on Arch. It's mostly usable, but opening a new window freezes the system for a few minutes.

    • VPN enabled but not active
    • Adblocker active
    • Extensions: MyJDownloader, AdGuard, GnomeShell, Last.Fm

    I don't think it's a memory leak, because it doesn't matter how long Opera has been opened.

  • Could be that it's not a memory leak. It's the feeling I had since with me it only seemed to happen after some time of usage.

    That having said. Does anyone of you also have the Adobe Flash plugin installed? I had until yesterday morning, and ever since that moment I haven't experienced any problems with Opera anymore. And I have used it frequently since. I noticed that apart from the Opera update I also recently installed a Flash update so I wonder if that could possibly be the cause for my Opera troubles.

  • @ahoogesteger I haven't had flash installed since a few years ago.

  • On a similar set-up OS-wise I don't have these problems. On the affected set-up I have hardware acceleration disabled (because of the displaylink driver) maybe thats an issue.

  • Some more observations from my side:

    • Dragging tabs from the windows works reasonably fast
    • I just opened a Youtube link i a new window and it started playing even though the window hadn't been drawn