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  • I can't mark text anymore. I have issiues with the tablet since a couple of updates, but now it's the worst. This new Blue Drop is braking my Intuos... The behavior is like for an touchscreen... not desktop PC

  • Blue drop? Is that the pointer used for the pen? That sounds quite silly, I may have to dig out my old tablet and see - I never used it that much.

  • the Blue Drop is to mark a segment of text to select and copy/past. Like on a standalone Tablet which you have to operate by fingertip.
    With the mouse I can select text. It does not work with Wacom Tablet

  • @moebiusopera try selecting the tex while pressing the side button on your stylus. I have a Surface Pro 2 (wacom digitizer) and thats what happens to me. Other problem i have is that i can't resize or move the pop-up window of a video, neither i can resize or move the area i want to capture with the new Snapshot tool. Can you try that and tell me if is an issue with your tablet too? thanks.

  • Yes, I can highlight text by pressing the button, but it goes also back to the last page. Not great...
    Don't know pop-up videos, but the same issue with the snapshot tool.
    Nothing changed with the update from today

  • @moebiusopera I have the same problem when using a old wacom tablet and now it stopped working with Windows 10.
    So today I bought a new tablet, which is working with Windows 10, however you can't use the pen pointer to highlight text, you have to use the right click button on the pen.
    You can use the pen pointer on other browsers to highlight text, then to copy and paste using the left click button on the pen

  • I have the same problem in highlighting text, on a wacom tablet ,, However using the right button on the tablet pen I can highlight text then copy and paste as needed but this is more awkward. The pen stylus seems to be acting as a scroll wheel for a mouse.
    The same problem occurs with the Chrome browser,, so maybe it's the chrome code in opera is causing the problem.
    As other browsers are working fine

  • As I said above, sounds like it is being treated like a touchscreen event - drag to scroll, hold to highlight then drag the markers at the ends of the highlight to adjust highlighting. The buttons would be handled normally - not as touch events.

  • Yes, right click to mark the text. But you have to be carefull, otherwise Opera goes back to the last page. (Pain in the ass...)
    Otherwise... Actualy I like drag for scroll...

  • gosh, it always goes back! Please, can someone do something about it? (It's like you do rightclick and choose the first hit; BACK)

  • @moebiusopera they dont care about this right now... problaby never will be fixed... gg opera
    (btw you can always go back to Opera 48 and/or disable shorcuts)