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How to Make a clicked link Open in A New Active Tab?

  • When I click on a link in a page I am viewing, the link opens a new tab but the tab isn't active. I then have to click on the new created tab to view it. Is there an option to have the new tab be the active upfront tab after clicking on a link?

    I searched but couldn't find anything. Thanks for any thoughts.

  • You may get it by using some extension.

  • install "right click opens link in new tab", options middleclick - foreground, rightclick - do nothing. might want "tab active" as well. i don't honest remember you need "download chrome extension" to be able to use them.

  • Actually there are 3 native ways,

    a) you use a mouse gesture on the link (drag the link slightly down with the right mouse button and release)
    b) Hold down Ctrl+Shift then left click the link
    c) Drag the link with the mouse to the tab bar (does not always work)

  • @gator5000e said in How to Make a clicked link Open in A New Active Tab?:

    When I click on a link in a page

    middle-click? (Just wanted to make sure)

  • This post is deleted!
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I've looked at some of the extensions and really don't see anything that is on point. And this is harder than it should be, I am not sure why Opera can't have an option in the settings to make the new tab active immediately when clicking on a link. Oh well. Firefox and Edge open a new active tab when clicking on a link. Seems to be pretty basic. I really like Opera but it seems like this is a shortcomng on its part.

  • @gator5000e It seems more of a Chromium behavior as Chrome does the same.